Ice, Ice, Baby



These didn’t turn out as I wanted, really, but they could have been worse.


My driveway

My driveway

Notice the nice shine of the ice on top of the snow/sleet?


Our sidewalk light

Our sidewalk light

Out of focus, but you get the picture.


Our holly tree

Our holly tree

I took several others that should have been cooler, but it’s still raining and the camera had this annoying habit of focusing on the raindrops.  Tomorrow should afford the opportunity for lots more cool shots.  If I’m home, of course.  Neither the local school system nor the university have made decisions yet.  Thhhbbbpppptttttt to them.


10 Responses

  1. We had some people in one of our housing neighborhood, go crazy with a hose and make their own ice covered tree…it was neat looking and I guess they had fun with it…at least I think it wasn’t an accident.

  2. The highly intelligent and fabulous football teamed university I’m employed with decided to open at 10:00am on our snow day, but didn’t release the info until the last possible moment, so everyone was confused. Then the next day when there was BLACK ICE all over the roads, they opened at the normal time.
    What do you expect from a school whose mascot is a Gamecock.

  3. I LOVE it when ice drips off the trees like that. I’ll do that later on today, right when I am driving home, of course.

    Nah, I am not bitter or negative about having to work today. Not at all. LOL.

  4. I always love the way an ice storm looks, until I actually have to go somewhere.

    And I’ve discovered that schools only seem to close due to weather when the weather isn’t actually that bad, but when there is a real blizzard or whatever, they are open all day and at normal times.

    Sometimes I really hate schools.

  5. That’s a mess. Far worse than what we’ve got.

  6. I always loved snow storms and hated ice storms when I lived in Maine. Both usually resulted in school and work closures, though, so I hope you’re not out in it!

  7. I hated the ice storm but as soon as I saw what it had done, I grabbed my camera and ran outside. I loved the pictures I got out of it.

  8. wow…and I was getting peeved about just lots of snow today! One thing I love though is that with ice-related things I can stay home from work no problem, but with tons of snow, I just have to dig myself out and show up…

    PS: I would so want to skate on your driveway! 😉

  9. unbelievable leaves! and that driveway looks like a good place to fall down and sue somebody.

  10. I hear you. Made for some beautiful pictures, but some pain-in-the-neck living conditions.

    I’m with Romi…your driveway is the perfect skating rink.

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