Chocolate Said So

I nabbed a Dove chocolate from the student workers’ stash this morning.  Nowadays they come with little sayings on the inside of the foil wrapper.

This one said “Forget the rules and follow your instinct.”

Cool!  My instinct says, “I know that’s your Ducati, but I want it.  Yoink!”

“But officer!  The chocolate told me to!”


6 Responses

  1. Chocolate is never wrong.

    Careful; that’s a good way to end up with a subpoena from my public defender.

  2. Simpsons:
    “Oh yeah, like you don’t know…we’re gonna have sex!”
    “Oh. Well…we don’t have to.”
    “Yes, we do. The cookie told me so.”
    “Well…desserts aren’t always right.”
    “But they’re so sweet.”

    I LOVE that one. It’s a running joke in our household. “Open up that barrel of ‘stay with your wife’!”

  3. I think they are just trying to get you to eat another chocolate!

    It almost worked – this was the last one of the 3 that I nom’ed.

  4. This is great. I was getting so tired of blaming society. Blaming delicious bits of chocolate will be a sweet change. I cannot wait to use this excuse at some point tomorrow. Off to purchase a bag o’ Doves…

    Hopefully you’ll get one of those instead of one of the million that say “A smile is contagious!”

  5. Oooh! Fortune chocolate! Now, pair that with a Nantucket Nectar juice and you’ll learn a useless fact about Nantucket under the lid and get a fortune too. Sweet!

    “Nantucket – #1 city name used in limericks!”

  6. Everyone “loves the quotes” on the inside of the Dove Promises. I get as excited about reading them as I did about Cracker Jack prizes when I was a kid. Visit my blog for the latest Dove Chocolate News. By the way, I like your writing style!

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