Mad Lib Time

First off, an apology:  My interview from Laura is done but won’t be posted today, because I promised Dys I’d hold off until she had a chance to answer the same questions so as not to influence her answers.  Considering that she was working when I got home last night, working when I went to bed (with a brief break for dinner), and still working when I staggered my ass out of bed at 5am this morning, I’m gonna cut her some slack.  The woman is a machine.  A very, very sleepy machine.

Now for the good stuff.

I just saw a reference to Mad Libs on the Nostalgic Win blog and remembered just how much time I spent as a kid laughing until I couldn’t breathe because of good old Mad Libs.

You know what’s coming.

Yep, folks, I hereby invite and, if necessary, double dog dare you to submit words for a Mad Lib to be published next week!  Leave your word list in the comments and next week I’ll post up the spliced-in passage.  This could be fun.  “Could,” as in, “we could also find out that I have no idea how to construct a good Mad Lib.”

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to provide the following:

  • 10 nouns
  • 9 plural nouns, of which if you want to be close to the original text, two should be articles of clothing and one should be a body part
  • 3 verbs
  • 2 verbs, past tense
  • 4 verbs ending in -ing
  • 10 adjectives
  • 3 adverbs

Be as demure, obscure, filthy, or surreal as you want.  And for the record, “fucking” will gladly be accepted as an adjective, adverb, and/or verb ending in -ing if you so desire.  🙂

Have fun!


4 Responses

  1. I’m not all that sleepy; hell, I’ve been up for 3 hours now and am almost even, dare I say it, awake! (I was going to say alert, but that’s pushing it.)

    I’m SO in. Should we be mailing to you or posting in comments so that we all pick something different?

    Yeah, that’s why you married me – because I clarify the stuff that I don’t muddy up. 😀

    I was going to say post in comments so you can get giddy with anticipation, but if anybody wants to email them to me that’s fine too. Taobikerblog at ye olde gmail dot com.

  2. You guys didn’t HAVE to both do it, you know! Now I feel bad for Dys having to work so hard AND answer my lame questions!

    I’m in, and a little afraid.

    We wanted to, seemed like a fun idea! I feel bad for her having to work like that, but that’s partially out of selfishness. On days like that I don’t get too much time with her.

    You people say you’re in, and yet I see no words popping up… *evil grin*

  3. Aw HELL YEAH!!! I spent a lot of time and money during my formative years playing Mad Libs.

    Here’s my contribution:
    1. Crotch
    2. Platypus
    3. Wart
    4. Toe nail
    5. Bowling ball
    6. Muppet
    7. Vibrator
    8. Booger
    9. Tampon
    10. Skidmark

    Plural nouns
    1. Titties
    2. Diapers
    3. Undies
    4. Balls
    5. Turds
    6. Wingnuts
    7. Toads
    8. Hot dogs
    9. Drums

    1. Blow
    2. Suck
    3. Sling

    Verbs past-tense
    1. Burped
    2. Farted

    Ing Verbs
    1. Eating
    2. Squatting
    3. Barfing
    4. Pooping

    1. Slutty
    2. Slimy
    3. Greasy
    4. Dirty
    5. Stinky
    6. Drunk
    7. High
    8. Spectacular
    9. Assinine
    10. Flabby

    1. Stupidly
    2. Slowly

    Wow; that was much harder than I thought! I’m a big reader and thought I had a decent vocabulary, but it took almost a half hour to think of those, though I will say the adjectives came easily for me. You also may note: I have the humor level of a 12-year-old boy.
    Thanks; that was fun!

    Heh heh heh. This is gonna be fun.

    I thought it might have been a little on the long side – hopefully it’ll be worth the trouble. If not, I guess I’ll learn to use something shorter next time.

  4. Here’s MY contribution:
    1. Fungus
    2. Earwax
    3. Outhouse
    4. Pig Shit
    5. Dartboard
    6. Headboard
    7. Parachute Pants
    8. Knee Pads
    9. Cheese
    10. Mailbox

    Plural nouns
    1. Knee Pads
    2. Sweaty Balls
    3. Knockers
    4. Teeth
    5. Monkies
    6. Dingleberries
    7. Ceiling Tiles
    8. Tails
    9. Razors

    1. Sweat
    2. Exfoliate
    3. Cleave

    Verbs past-tense
    1. Regurgitated
    2. Impaled

    Ing Verbs
    1. Wallowing
    2. Struggling
    3. Sweating
    4. Dying

    1. Swanky
    2. Repugnant
    3. Disgusting
    4. Astounding
    5. Puzzling
    6. Distrurbing
    7. Wobbly
    8. Malodorous
    9. Homely

    1. Slovenly
    2. Unnaturally

    That hurt my brain!!!!

    Have a beer and a smile, the hard work is done! Looking at your list, I think this is going to be another good one.

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