Quick Hits

Not much to say today, really, except hit a couple of points:

1)  Since I got out of work early on Friday, I picked up Boy from his swim club and made a stop by the local Hobby Lobby, where we picked up a nice, long-term father-son project for us.  It’s a little too cold for us to do some of the first few steps right now, but I’m already looking forward to it.

2)  I received my interview questions from Laura, and Dys and I are both working on them.  Hopefully answers from us both will be posted tomorrow.

3)  I will never, ever buy another 3 lb bag of Laffy Taffy again.  Yeesh.


4 Responses

  1. That is an excellent idea for a project…he should love that!!!!

  2. I have a Hobby Lobby really close by I’ve been curious about. Now that you mentioned it I think I’ll stop in this afternoon and take a peek. I could probably do some major damage in that place if my intuition is correct.

    Laura sent me GREAT interview questions today; looking forward to reading yours!

    It’s mostly chicksville with a small section of model rockets and cars and trains and stuff to distract the hubby whilst you shop. 😉

  3. Way cool, you guys are going to have so much fun building it! And, I haven’t had Laffy Taffy since I was, like, twelve. BUT! Today I had a jawbreaker and was instantly transported back to 6th grade, where we used to trade ’em as currency. Six jawbreakers = one devil dog. Heh.

    I’m clueless – what’s a devil dog?

    I’m hoping we’ll have fun building it. My plan is to only work on it when he’s present and involved, so he learns some patience and delayed gratification. That is, some things take a long time to do a good job, and at the same time, some things require a long attention span. If you want it done, you have to sit down and do the work and not go try something new after 10 minutes. Not that he’s the world’s worst kid in that regard, I just think it’s a good thing to learn.

    I’m also trying to think of how to teach some real-world problem-solving skills with this – maybe this isn’t a good venue for that. And maybe I shouldn’t get TOO ambitious!

  4. […] this weekend my son and I finally started on the model we bought back in January.  Frankly, I expect it’ll take longer to finish than it did for us to get started, but so […]

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