Monday Music

I’ve had this in mind for an MM for a while, and I think last Friday with the first subzero air temperature (not wind chill) here in five years qualifies.  The thin blanket of snow on the ground this morning clinches it.  

Into Eternity, “Timeless Winter”

My life decayed and deadened
by this ravenous winter… 

This probably won’t impress most of you, but having seen this band live I am impressed enough for all of us. If the screaming thing doesn’t do it for you, check it from 0:48 to 1:08 at least.   They can hit all those notes – even as the second on a four-band bill.  And seemed to be fabulously down-to-earth guys to boot.  I’ll definitely go see ’em again.


One Response

  1. I always did wonder how guys with generally deep voices can hit those notes. Usually, I wonder this every time I sing a Boston song. “I closed my eyes and she slipped awaaaaay…”

    That’s bad enough, but this guy and Halford and Tim Owens are something else entirely.

    Stu Block, the singer for Into Eternity, took so much crap from people saying he couldn’t possibly be singing all of that without effects that he made a YouTube video showing him rehearsing. I think the scream, the death growl, and the high-singing are all hard to do – being able to transition through all three in one song must be murder!

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