My son is a huge car nut.  That’s a massive understatement, actually, (Aspie folks:  autos have always been his hyperfocus) and one that I could spend pages and pages discussing.  I’ll spare you the details in general; just trust me.  While watching the Barrett-Jackson car auction tonight, I related one of the cars on-screen to my own experience.

The car on the block was a ’69 Camaro SS, so I told him I’d driven a car like that before.  Really? he asked.  Sure, I said.  And I explained that I’d dated a girl whose father had a ’68 Camaro that he’d let me drive on occasion.  (Unsupervised, even.  I was pretty damned awed by his faith in me and took good care of it, but damn if I’d ever trust a 17-18 year old with a car like that!)  

“Was that mom?”

“No, it was a girl I dated before your mom.  When I was in high school and college.”

“Yeah.  Sometimes that happens.  You date a girl.  Your girlfriend rides with you in a cool car.”

He paused for a minute.

“Someday that will happen.  I want to get a girlfriend, then get a hot car, and she’ll go for a ride with me.”

I’d worry about this a lot less if he hadn’t spent twenty minutes last night trying to convince me to move to Italy so we could buy a Ferrari…


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  1. Sounds like he has both his priorities straight AND great taste!

    By priorities, I hope you don’t mean the move to Italy part!

    Yep. He has REALLY REALLY great taste, thanks to toy cars and Project Gotham and Forza and that sort of thing. I usually play the games to unlock all the cars and tracks and then just let him play my profile. And I often have fun mock-yelling at him for wrecking my Ferrari or Lamborghini or whatever car he’s driving…

  2. Let me get this straight, he said to you,

    “Hey, Dad! Let’s move to Italy and get a Ferrari.”

    And THAT didn’t convince you? You are one tough cookie, Mister!

    All I’m saying is it’s good that at least one person in that household has their head on straight.

    If he’d said the magic word “Ducati”…

  3. Italy is very overrated in my opinion, but hey, if it makes for a nice break… 😀

    May your son one day drive his Ferrari with the roof down and a pretty girl in the passenger seat, and remember that conversation! Sweet!!

    While highly unlikely, that really does make for an awesome mental image.

  4. My sister’s oldest boy has Asperger’s, too, and his fixation is also on all things motorized, though it’s not limited to cars. Trucks, heavy machinery, excavation equipment, you name it. Makes him easy to shop for at Christmas and his birthday!

    Well, my boy likes trucks too, but lately it’s been all cars. But the Barrett-Jackson is fun for the whole family. Dys and I are also at least partially car people, so it’s a good time to ooh and aah over the classics. And some not-so-classics.

  5. I thought you had to get the hot car first…then the girlfriend comes after. Your experience was way out of the norm. You found a girl with access to a hot car.

    I had a 72 Duster…It was cool to me, but its’ shit brown color didn’t win over the ladies.

    WTF was up with that shit-brown color Dodge used back in the day?!?

    I agree, I think generally you have to have the car first. I was lucky, I suppose, the girl and I were both weak and coming off break-ups. I didn’t find out her dad had the car until later.

    Dys’s dad has a Corvette, but he’s never offered to let me drive that one. Anywhere. With him in the passenger seat. And we’ve been married for almost 11 years. 😀

  6. Pardon me while I wax on the Camaro. HAAAAA what a horrible pun.

    I find the Camaro a strange instrument. If you’re a grownup, you get a Corvette, not a Camaro. Camaros are for teenage boys with Brylcreemed hair who have had brushes with the law, not grownups. But I have this memory of my father and I driving along one time in the South somewhere, and a teenage boy screamed by in an old Camaro, and Dad kind of whistled through his teeth. “There’s a lot of power under that hood,” he said. “Giving it to a teenager’s not such a hot idea.”

    So, you have a car that has too bad a reputation for adults, and too much oomph to be safe for the whippersnappers. To me, the Camaro is proof that your teenage years are supposed to be spent livin’ on a prayer.

    Honestly, while I appreciate Corvettes, they’ve never really done it for me. I generally don’t like Camaros either, but the late 60s ones for some reason I seem to like. This one had a 327 and one of those old slot-style 4-speed manuals. The first time I ever rode in it, the dad had it stored in the hanger at the local podunk airport (where he had his Cessna, too – didn’t know that at the time, either) and he took the two of us on a drag run down the runway. With the top down. Did I say it was a convertible? Anyway.

    After I destroyed my first car a month after I got my license, my parents took me out to get another car when I was still really pretty shaken up from the crash. (Had to, in my part of the world the kids pretty much have to drive. Neither of my parents could have taken me to and from my after-school activities, etc.) In the process they came across a red ’73 Firebird, and that one actually got me perked up, but my dad put the kibosh on that one in a hurry. 😀

    I could talk old musclecars for a while, but that’s possibly a post for another day.

  7. I said to Todd on date 1 “If you had an El Camino I’d do you right now….”

    Nah, not really. Cars don’t really do it for me, I guess.

    Well, is an El Cam really a car, or a truck? Maybe that’s why it didn’t work. You’ve got a car-ruck fetish, and he’s stuck with a mere car or truck?

  8. My mother was pregnant with me. My parents needed a car. My dad had a motorcycle, and mom needed wheels to get to the grocery, doctor, etc. She said, I don’t care what it is as long as it is automatic and has power steering.

    He came home with a ’68 Camaro with no PS and the 4 on the floor.

    Yeah, The Boy takes after Pop. He’s gonna be a Car Guy.

    Heh, I never heard that story! Somehow I’m not surprised.

  9. Wait, since when do you have to move to Italy to buy a Ferrari? There’s a luxury car dealer not too far from my house. Every time I go by, I get all tingly wishing I could take them all home and adopt them.

    He knows Ferraris come from Italy, that’s where the idea came from. I’m not so sure I want to change that concept quite yet! 😉

    We went to Hobby Lobby today and came home with a screw-together model of a Ferrari F50 and a regular glue-it model of an Enzo. He’s happy.

  10. The boy will get the girl and the hot car and it’ll be because he’s cool. Because, you know, he’s done being handsome. 😉

    ’68 and ’69 Corvettes and Camaros still make me an extremely happy girl. But so does the ’71 Hemi-Cuda and the ’67 GTO. I could go on…but I won’t. 😀

    65-70 Mustangs (especially Shelbys, holy drool) and ’68-70 Chevelles here. Sigh.

  11. No Fords for me. I’m actually driving one now for the first time in my life but it was out of dire necessity. 😉

    I’ve had several, as have my folks, and we’ve had few serious problems. My grandfather actually used to be a confirmed Ford Man – I remember how stunned I was when he bought a Dodge pickup in his late 60s.

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