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99% of you won’t really give a holy crap about this, but I think it’s distilled awesomeness, so I’m going to share it anyway.

Last year, one of my compatriots on my motorcycle board raced in the 24 Hours of LeMons.  You can click the link for a ton of info, but basically what it boils down to is a weekend of team-driver racing in which the car must be purchased and outfitted to race (except tires, brakes, and safety features) for $500 or less.

Now, see, the women are rolling their eyes while the guys (all three of us?) are saying, “That sounds awesome!”  And who wouldn’t like a sport that describes itself in these words:

The crowd. The spectacle. The pall of blue smoke and roasted clutch discs. In all motorsport, no event captures the universal human need to whale on old crapcans and hoover down greasy barbecue like the 24 Hours of LeMons.

Well, for the most part the answer is “women, that’s who.”  Anyway.

That was cool in and of itself, but then another of my moto-cronies found and posted this gem:  a brief article about, and helmet-cam footage of, the car that won the LeMons race this past November in California.

The winning car?  A Geo Metro.

With a chain drive.

And an engine from a Honda CBR900RR motorcycle.

I sw’ar fo’ Gawd, every time I watch the video, hear that engine revving and see that hideous little goober of a car go zipping by, I laugh like a damned maniac.

Guys, click the link above and laugh with me.

Ladies, you can click and roll your eyes at men in general, or think about shoes or Sex and the City, whichever you’d like.


6 Responses

  1. Heh. We watched some of the TV coverage of last year’s LeMons. I think it’s an awesome concept, though perhaps I’m not QUITE as geeked as you are. Or as Calvin will be as soon as I show him this link.

    I had a cousin who ran an Enduro at the local late model stock oval (they actually ran Busch races there for a few times – I think one of them set the record at the time for most cautions ever) when I was probably 12, and I had a ball watching. This seems even cooler as an idea.

    (The Enduro actually had something like 130 entrants – the cars were lined up around the track, two wide, all the way to turn 3. When the green flag waved, the polesitter came up on the last-place starters before they even got moving.)

  2. How does the chain last for 24 hours? I would think it would fail…

    So would I, and apparently so did a lot of folks on-site, too!

    They don’t actually race 24 hours, more like 16-18 hours split over two days, but still. Motorcycle chains are tough, that’s for sure, and they’re good for lots of miles, but I wouldn’t bet a lot of money on chains (or sprockets) making it that distance over such a short time period without changing them out.

    Of course, I guess if you’re betting a lot of money, you’re not racing the LeMons.

  3. Excuse me, but I think Sex in the City is a big ball of turd, thank you.
    The Gilmore Girls on the other hand…

    Thanks for this today; I needed a laugh and this definitely provided.

    Only seen SatC a few times by accident, never watched the Gilmore Girls. Although I definitely think Lauren Graham is gorgeous.

    Glad I could help!

  4. My Mom had a Geo Metro…it was just her size! Too funny.

    I hate Ovary TV! So I am, officially, offended. 😉

    Hey, I said you could do either! I didn’t say “all women go play with your Barbies.”

    If I wanted to offend, I would have done the “run along, man talk” thing that I did in Crisitunity’s comments that one time.

    And I’m still stinging from that one. Sheesh. 😉

  5. A Geo Metro? I got in one once and it fell apart, literally, before it had backed out of it’s parking stall. Those things suck.

    As for the race itself, I think it’d be fun. If I were driving of course.

    Same here! Wrenching would be interesting, but I’d be jumping up and down for my turn.

  6. Well that’s 8 minutes of my life I’m not gettin’ back… 😉 It was much funnier in the telling though, honey, honest.

    And no, he didn’t base that Sex in the City and shoes thing on me – gagariffic.

    I’ll take the fact that I told it funnier as a compliment and move on.

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