Okay, so I really have no excuse to post a fourth time in a day, but I just glanced at my stats graph for the first time in ages and thought it was interesting.  Which led me to click the graph and look at more, and this is what struck me:

I started this blog in the first week of August 2007.

Hits from August-December 2007:  3317
Average per day:  21.7

Hits from January-June 2008:  10340
Average per day:  56.8

Hits from July-December 2008:  13930
Average per day:  75.7


I’m stunned into abject embarrassment by such attention.  I don’t really know what I expected when I started this blog, but it wasn’t this.  I would never have thought it would grow like it has, and I find it hard to express how flattered I am.

Thanks, y’all.

(Of course, if you compensate for days like today and divide it out in terms of hits per post – 54.8 – I think it’s more accurate but nowhere near as impressive, so I’m happy to ignore that part…  😉  )


5 Responses

  1. You know…I don’t think I’ve ever looked at any of that stuff on mine. LoL

    That likely means that you’re less insecure and less hungry for validation than me. Congratulations!

  2. I’m officially jealous. Mine aren’t nearly impressive.

    You’re not the post whore that I am, though…at least you can say you have your integrity.

  3. I like reading my stats, it’s an obsessive-compulsion! Mine go up and down like a yo-yo. One freakish day I got 414 hits but I don’t think I will ever have that many in one day again! 😀

    Actually, I think it’s one of my relatives who is bumping up my daily average. The man seems a little obsessed…better not name any names, but it is kind of freaking me out… 😀

    I read my stats religiously for the first six months or so, but they were so depressing that I finally broke myself of it. Shortly thereafter I think they (coincidentally) became less depressing.

    I’ve never had 400 hits in a day, though – that’s awesome! But uh, weird about the relative…

  4. I DO look at my stats on my Flickr thing. It’s fun for me to see what pictures people are looking at on there. Sometimes I can tell WHO is looking at them by the photos they click on. 😀

    Uh, you can? *sweating*

    Kidding! Honest! 😀

  5. I don’t say this very often, but this is a very good time for me to do it:

    Told ya so. 😉 :*


    (In fairness, I actually do say that very often, though.)

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