Any-Day-of-the-Week Music

Yep.  You heard me.  You can listen to music on more days than just Monday!

I’m so cool.

Oh.  Wait.  I should explain in a bit more detail.

For a long time, I’ve been thinking of making a mix CD for you folks.  I’d thought of it for a long time, but Laura’s awesome Peace Pipe/Crack Pipe mix CDs definitely cemented the thought in my head.  (As we all know, I’m a derivative hack.)

Now that Dys has her Magic Apples of Computing Bliss +3, our sizeable mp3 collection is back online and finally updated with all of the CDs we’ve bought since our last HD full of music began misbehaving.  So now I’m not only inclined to do so…hell, I’m capable!

It’s not like it would take a hell of a lot of work.  I’ve known exactly the mix disc I wanted to do since last summer, I just haven’t had the capability to create it.  Not even for myself, and believe me, I wanted to!  You see, the mix I want to create and distribute is a version of what I called my “Sunny Mix.”  It’s an mp3 mix disc, a big honking pile of music that puts me in a good mood.  And it took up near-permanent residence in my car cd player for about a year.  Until the disc actually crapped itself from some combination of overplay/staying in the temperature-changing car interior for too long.

Let me tell you, I’ve missed that disc for a long while.

But now I’ve got a new and improved Sunny Mix.  And me happy.  Woohoo!

I don’t know how you guys are with your own mixes, but I tend to put tracks on a mix that, much later, I find myself skipping with some frequency.  That’s the way it is with pretty every mp3 mix I make.  I guess some things seem like they fit when I’m looking at the songs in a list, but not so much when I’m grooving along down the highway.  So what I’m doing right now is test-driving the mix for a week or two to make notes on what I’d like to tweak.  And in a few weeks I’ll re-create a final list and offer them up to any of y’all who are interested enough to entrust me with a mailing address.

What I do NOT plan to do initially is send out a track listing.  That’s a lot more useless for an mp3 disc than for a regular CD because, well, DUH, you pop it in and the file names will all load in iTunes or Media Player or whatever you’re using to play it.  (Most CD players made in the past 5 years or so will also play mp3 discs too – including most car stereos.  They may or may not show track info, though.)  But I’m still old-school enough to think about mixes as cassettes, and I always thought it was more fun to send somebody a mix of oddities first and then send them the track list later.  You know, so when they say “Who the hell is that on track 3?”  you can reply “Mother Love Bone.”  To which they can say, “Who?!?”  and you can smack them.

But after you’ve all had the discs for a week or so and had a chance to digest them, then I’ll go through and post up the tracklist with my editorial comments, like I did with my 80s music disc.  That was a ton of fun to do, and I’m thinking this will be just as much fun.

So, just be thinking about whether or not you’d like a cd full of about 160-170 mp3s’ worth of music that makes TB happy.  (And an editorial note:  the music that makes me happy can be weird, loud, varied, or extremely profane.  Sometimes all at once.  You’ve been warned.)

If this meets with any sort of success, then I’ll repeat the process for the next few mixes I have planned:  the mix I always thought of but never actually completed, the Rainy Mix, and a long-overdue update of my infamous Smash The World mix.  (Definitely not recommended for anyone who thought Laura’s Crack Pipe disc was too heavy.)

I’m pretty excited about this; hope a few of you are, too!

(Otherwise I’ll feel pretty damned silly, but I’m used to that.)


8 Responses


    Ahem. Perhaps I should make myself clear.

    Dear Mr. TB,

    If you would find it in your gracious heart to impart the honor of a mix CD upon me, I would forever be in your debt.



    p.s. – ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME


    Quit beatin’ around the bush and tell me straight!

  2. L – I’m pretty sure you were getting one whether you asked or not! LOL 😀 Though I love your formal request!

    Thbbpptt. Ruind my funnehz. 😉

  3. When I make a mix, I always listen to the beginnings and the ends of the songs to make sure they go together. Usually I find myself thinking “This is such a great song” and when I don’t think that, I pull the track out of the mix. For that reason my mixes are always PERFECTION. ITSELF.

    Also, generally what spurs me to make a mix is being tired of skipping a bunch of tracks on a CD just to get to the ones I like. Graceland did that, so did the two new Air CDs. Anyway. I don’t think our tastes overlap so very much, so I will decline with thanks (for now). Unless you tell me something about the mix to make me change my mind.

    Bah. Transitions are for the weak. (Dys still hasn’t forgiven me for making her a mix tape while we were long-distance-dating that followed a Christine McVie Fleetwood Mac song with Tupac Shakur.)

    This one is really meant to be popped in on “shuffle” rather than set to a specific track order, so honestly I’ve put zero thought into transitions or order. If I did, I might end up with a slightly different list. If you guys really think order is important for, say, 8 hours or so worth of music, let me know and I’ll give it some thought.

    You’re certainly welcome to wait until the track listing and commentary and see if you’re still interested!

  4. I think our tastes overlap so much that your mix might turn out a lot like my gift cds from Kelly! 😉

    This is quite true.

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