Monday Music

Well, again, right about now I’m probably on my way BACK home from the holidays.

Or I got home yesterday and I’m busy sleeping late…Yeah right.  If I got home yesterday, I’m making breakfast for the boy right now, and cursing myself for staying up too late last night.


It’s almost the new year!  And while it’s possible I may get a chance to blog this week, there’s always the possibility that weather or computers-in-use or just plain laziness will keep me offline.  So I’m blogging the MM in advance!  HAH!  You can’t escape me!!

Think 2008 was my peak?  Think 2009 won’t be any better?  Think I’ve already blathered on beyond the capacity of any rational human being to write day after week after month about absolutely nothing?

Judas Priest, “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”

By the way, anybody reading this not like this song?  Yeah?  WELL GET THE HELL OFF MY BLOG.

Are they gone?  Okay.  The rest of us are cool.  😉

Happy New Year, y’all!


4 Responses

  1. Oh, but I love Judas Priest.after all these years their music still stands and is in constant rotation on my playlists.

    Did I show you my funny Halloween pictures of ‘Rob Halford and his Boyfriend’? 🙂

    Heheh yeah you showed me those! 😀

  2. Well. One not cool person still left here! Some of us (me) couldn’t be considered cool outside of a group of nine years olds no matter who they listened to.

    True, I just keep trying to fake it…

  3. This is Calvin’s favorite Priest song (we’ve seen them several times, with and without Halford). Mine is Green Manalichi. ROCK ON, BRUTHA! \m/

    Do you know that Green Manalishi is a Fleetwood Mac cover? Ever since I learned that, I can definitely hear it. Still an awesome song though, and I prefer the Priest version to the original.

  4. I can’t really pick a favorite. If asked today I would lean towards Painkiller or Heading Out To The Highway. They’re all good for me… 😀

    Those two, this one, Laura’s “Manalishi” – all great ones. I love “Breaking the Law” and “Touch of Evil” and lots of others a lot myself, but if I had to pick a favorite I think it would be “Victim of Changes.” I love that classic plodding badassed stuff.

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