Dang Me

You know, this net connection we have here is JUST fast enough to frustrate me.  I think I’m gonna have to stop replying to everyone’s comments for a little while – it just takes so damned long that it’s ridiculous.  For the next week or so, assume I’m reading the comments once a day or so and smiling…and I’ll say something smartassed back to you in January.

Dys and I finally fired up RB2 for the first time last night, and apparently the red button on my Guitar Hero guitar (Dys uses the RB one, I use the GH one) is on the fritz – as in, sometimes you push the button and it doesn’t work.  THAT is a whole big pile of fucking fun.  NOT.  But my mom did manage to score us a set of RB drums from a coworker who will let us borrow them for a week.  Woohoo!

My brother and his family are in NC with his in-laws, so we have his wife’s little fuzzball lapdog and my brother’s 130 pounds of sawed-off grizzly bear chocolate Lab running laps around the house with our dog.  My son is in heaven, especially since my 2 year old nephew isn’t here to distract him.  It was more fun for my son yesterday when he figured out that my nephew is old enough to chase him around now.  He’s much more impressed with the fun side of being an older cousin than he was this summer.

I feel so freakily cut off from all y’all.  It feels dumb in a way, but at the same time I consider y’all my friends, and it’s like trying to talk to your friends over a really bad cell phone connection.  You’re breaking up!  Damn it, dropped the call again!  Argh!  But anyways, things are good and I hope it’s the same for all y’all.  

And since I need to quit this crap for a while and don’t have time to look it up and post it myself, y’all go to YouTube and search for “Charlie Brown Christmas Scrubs.”  Especially you, Laura and Heather.  Heheheh.

Now time to run to the liquor store, since I’m already about to polish off the bottle of Wild Turkey 101 I bought and left here last Christmas.  And [Note:  Potential TMI alert] to figure out how to buy a bottle of Astroglide in a store where there’s an 80% chance I’ll run into someone I graduated high school with, someone my grandmother goes to church with, or both…[/TMI alert]

Peace, desserts, and liquor for everybody!!!


7 Responses

  1. I don’t know what we all DID before broadband!!! 😀

    I did my off licence run earlier too, the house is now groaning with alcohol! Ian is doing the food shopping tonight at around 1am when hopefully the queues will be shorter.

    Have a lovely Christmas!

    We suffered, that’s for sure! Hope you enjoyed your Christmas AND your alcohol. 😉

  2. Ha. Welcome to what I do every single day with my ridiculous work computer. :p

    Seriously? In that case, I salute your Jedi-like patience!

  3. I wonder how well I’ll do at wrapping the presents while drunk tonight.

    Heheh, how did it go? As long as the package is covered, I say good enough!

  4. Don’t accidently wrap the Astroglide…that would be a fun story!

    My contractors supplied plenty of liquor this year. Times are tight, but never to tight for alcohol.

    That might actually be TOO MUCH fun for me!

    Glad they came through with the booze.

  5. Astroglide and Wild Turkey! I’m glad to see at least some downhome holiday traditions have remained!

    If you run into someone at a store you know you can place one hand mid-forearm over the other and say, “Do you think this tube will be enough to go this deep?”

    If you run into a church lady you can say, “That dang nut busted again.”

    See, it’s all about making them more uncomfortable than you! After all, ain’t that what the holidays are for?

    I hope you and yours have an awesome holiday.

    Or, “Me and your brother are having a little party tonight. I can’t believe he still hasn’t told you!”

  6. Astroglide is the perfect stocking stuffer! Get some for everyone…well…the adults anyway. 🙂

    What’s worse – giving it to relatives who know what it is, or who don’t? 😉

  7. Perhaps with enough whiskey the Astroglide won’t be needed?
    We’ve never tried it, but I’ve always been curious.

    Never tried Astroglide, or anything that it might be needed for? 😉

    AG is good stuff.

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