Back on the homestead

As my dad loves to say, merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

Well, we’re here.  We left about an hour or three later than I would have liked, but we made it.  And we have some ‘net connectivity, although it’s pretty damned slow.  But then again, I’ll probably be so stuffed after a day or two of being here that the net connection won’t be the limiting factor…it’ll be my own sugar-shocked stupidity.  Woohoo!

We got everything and everyone and all the presents in the car with a little room to spare.  Amusingly, I believed my parents when they said my brother got Rock Band for his birthday earlier this month, so after lots of consideration we decided not to bring my new RB2 drum set.  “Bah,” I said, “We can go without if we can’t borrow [brother]’s.”  Well, my parents goofed.  He got Guitar Hero for his birthday.  And man, was he disappointed when he found out that I’d left the drums at home.  The really stupid part was that I went to all the trouble to bring my aftermarket kick drum pedal and my big-ass drum throne to use when we all played – I might have saved myself the trouble.  Oh well.  When I see him today I plan to prod him to ask Santa to bring him Rock Band for Christmas.

We intended to take a picture of the trunk of the car loaded and then later when we unloaded the pile, but when we got out at a rest stop to do so HOLY CRAP the wind was blowing so hard and so cold that we got the hell back in the car and got outta there as soon as possible.   The wind chill is in the single digits here in southern Virginia right now, and that kinda thing doesn’t happen too often around here.  Of course, some of you (cough Heather) have it a lot worse right now, so I’m gonna suck it up and be happy.  

Now I’m gonna go sit on the couch and watch a movie with my boy.  Y’all have a good day, and merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve to ya.


5 Responses

  1. I didn’t know there was such a thing as Christmas Eve Eve Eve! 😀

    Glad you got there safely- sorry it’s so cold though!

    My dad has used the “eve eve eve eve” thing since I was a kid. I think it’s awesome, and I have gladly taken up that banner.

    As for the cold, could be worse – it’s been 10 to 20 below zero in the Midwest where my in-laws live…glad we went this way instead of that way!

  2. Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve…

    Wait. How many eve’s was that? One more for good measure…


    Glad you guys made it safe!

    You over-eve’d. I think it’s funny, but I think my son would murder you for setting Christmas back a day or two.

    BTW, I saw something about 41 inches of snow in some Maine town – how you feeling about Arizona right about now, lady?

  3. Boo to the wicked wind.

    Yay to the safe arrival.

    Merry Christmas Eve to the third power right back at you!

    Thanks for all of the above! Stay warm yourself!

  4. What do you care what the weather is like outside? You’ll be playing Rock Band INSIDE anyway! 😉

    As the photos will show when we post ’em, part of going to my folks’ is taking my son for walks in the woods, which is pure awesomeness for an old country boy like me. So from that standpoint it was important. As it turned out, we played RB inside until it warmed up outside. 😉

  5. Rest stop! What kind of traveler are you?!?!?!?! It was a bit painful today. Definitely not normal for these parts.

    A traveler with a wife and a kid and a dog, damn it. Otherwise I’d make the trip in an hour less time.

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