Hitting Overdrive

On the one hand, I mean “Overdrive” as in my guitar amp.

“Overdrive and kick it up a notch, motherfucker, cuz it’s time to have some fun!!

On the other hand, I mean “Overdrive” as in my transmission.

“Shift into overdrive, motherfucker, [singing] ‘We got a long way to go, and a short time to get there!!'”

(Go ahead, all you recent iPod-shufflers, tackle that ridiculously easy one!)

Shortly I’m leaving for my son’s Christmas play, which I missed yesterday because of some bullshit last-minute scheduling crap that was really someone ELSE’S problem but I agreed to deal with because I’m a nice guy.  When I have to be to keep out of prison because I killed some shifty jackhole.

Anyway.  So, I’m off early to watch schoolkids uncomfortably fidget in their nice clothes and sing, take my son home early.  Then I’d planned to do laundry (Been planning it since last night, babe, but your blog convinced me that I was doing the right thing at the right time!) and otherwise start to account for things that we have to take to Virginia with us.

And then, after dinner, we’re taking my son back to school because his teacher, bless her obviously delusional heart, has planned a sleepover for the ten or so kids in his class at school tonight.  She’s gonna handle it more or less by herself.

Umm, damn.  That’s pretty much my definition of torture, personally, but You Go Lady!  (She really is awesome, so if she thinks she can handle ’em, I believe her.)

So then Dys and I have an evening to ourselves, to, you know, wink wink…

…for her to work and me to pack and update my lists and maybe play Bioshock.  Woohoo!

It’s still early in the season.  We’ll think small, huh?

Tomorrow is my office party (over lunch) and while I think I’ll be able to sneak out a blog in the morning, there’s a slim chance that this is the last time I’ll be able to post before I leave.  And likewise, there’s a chance I may be able to post in Virginia, but maybe not…so I wanted to take this opportuntity to tell all of y’all that I hope you have the most wonderfulest holiday you’ve ever had.

Whoops, overdrive kicking in…time to rock and time to roll!

See ya!


5 Responses

  1. How is Bioshock? I contemplated getting it for Calvin…

    I downloaded the demo a long time ago but hadn’t tried it. Upon hearing this, Crisitunity all but hit me on the head to tell me to play it.

    I played the demo for 30 minutes or so on Thanksgiving evening – and went out at 10am on Black Friday and picked up a used copy for myself.

    So, uh, it’s pretty good. If you’re curious, drop me an email and I’ll sum up my review I wrote for Crisitunity.

  2. Jeez I was hoping Bioshock was a colorful euphemism for something entirely more fun.

    Ok, that got a LOL.

    I think Dys will forgive me for immediately jumping on the joke: “The real shock would be getting some in the first place!”

  3. We hope you’ll be able to find a way to stay connected during your trip…We just might go crazy on YOUR blog if you leave it for too long.

    My wife was asking me for some kind of game to get me…I haven’t a clue right now.

    Have a safe trip!

    What kinda game? Video game, board game, card game?

    Go crazy, you’ll give me a good laugh at some point!

  4. Okay, Mr. Smartypants, now I see why you’re playing video games! 😉

    Gotta channel that frustration and aggression!

  5. Have a great Christmas if we’re not speaking to you again before! Hope your son has a great time on his sleepover!

    When I dropped him off last night I thought there might be some anxiety – hell no. I had to more or less fight to get his attention to tell him goodbye!

    Oh, and your new avatar is very purty! 🙂

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