Well, after we started to get warnings of the Winter Storm of Imminent Doom +3 before dawn yesterday, I started warming up my scoffing face.  Whether it’s snowstorms or tornadoes I’ve gotten to the point that I think weathermen are as full of crap as any local news media – bad weather means ratings, so if there’s a chance of bad weather, talk about it as though the end times are nigh.

Like anybody with the mindset of a 12-year-old, I’m rooting like hell for a snow day.  Unlike the other 12-year-olds, though, I’m not shocked when I wait all day for the snow that never comes, and wake up the next day to a little bit of overnight sleet and more or less clear roads.

My son, on the other hand, is less stoic.  When I woke him up this morning with the news, he went immediately into Oscar the Grouch mode.  Fortunately for him, dominoes fell his way.  Fifteen minutes later his ride to school called and said she wasn’t going to chance it – she lives at the end of a dead-end street on a hill with about a 35-degree grade, so I can’t blame her for looking at a little bit of sleet, seeing the forecast for more freezing rain today, and saying “screw this.”  And since Dys was up until about 4am working last night and is therefore in zero shape to drive him to school and/or pick him up in inclement weather (or surrounded by jackholes who have no idea to drive in such), and I have no time to do it myself in this already crazy week, we decided to let him stay home.

He’s in much better spirits now.

Anyway, a few things (other than the obvious imminent vacation) have me thinking about my other, original home right about now.

I received a Christmas card from my old grad school mentor the other day.  It was written and addressed in the same short, loopy handwriting with the same sort of black felt-tipped pen that he always used for everything. It reminds me of grading freshman exam papers with “his” pens…and receiving chapters of my thesis with similar markings the next day.

Anyway.  Good old fellow by all accounts, and I love him.  I should carve out some time to see him sometime when I’m home – that just probably won’t be this year, unfortunately.  Just not enough time.  But I wrote him back today all the same.

I had a reminder to write him back:  I received a mass email from the president of my undergrad alma mater today.  These missives from him make me wish the president of my current employer could write so well.  Anyway, attached to that email was a link to this video.  It makes me swell with wistful pride, and miss a “home” that I haven’t done more than walk through in thirteen years.


Anyway, next week at this time I’ll be back in Virginia again, and I can just relax and soak it in for a little while.  I can’t wait.


8 Responses


    Damn skippy!

  2. Sounds like you’re getting all Festivey!!! It never snows here- well hardly ever- so I wouldn’t mind some snow either. Yay for holidays!!!!

    It snows just enough here to keep us honest, I guess!

  3. What’s a wahoo-wah? Unless you’re going for a Pacino impersonation?

    Snow days were the joy of my childhood.

    Dys posted some informative links below; I also updated my Glossary for my personal definitions…

  4. Today they said we were gonna get alotta snow and that visibility would suck.

    We got alotta snow and visibility sucked. :/

    It’s all fun and games until you actually have to, you know, go to work and buy groceries and so forth in that crap.

  5. There are ZERO snow days in construction. A day missed is a day LOST. Schedules have no mercy…

    I miss snow days.

    Ayup. That kind of thing sucks.

  6. Wahoos:

    Scholarly-type information:

    I was going to attempt to explain it, but ya might as well get the full scoop – and with much less typing on my part. 😉

    Much more, uh, functional information. Be sure to visit What To Do, subtopic – streaking.

    Not that I would know anything about streaking the Lawn. Nope. Nuh-uh. And anyway, nobody was sober enough to take pictures.

  7. Ahhhh, snow days. I remember back in the day when a snow day was a gift…not a loan. Then school corps had to get all picky about make-up days and such.

    Ain’t that the truth??

    Then again, there were a few days when I was a kid that we actually went to school on Saturday to make up days. You want to talk about a completely useless day in school – the teachers pretty much gave up on that one.

  8. […] 21, 2009 Thoughts Posted by Taoist Biker under Life and other states of existence   As usual, I received a Christmas card from my mentor this year.  We don’t do the Christmas card thing anymore, and I really […]

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