More Quick Hits

You know, sheesh, I meant to write an actual post today but holy hell.  Time’s fun when you’re having flies.

Thanks to MTAE for an entertaining series of posts on Girls.  If y’ain’t read it yet, you should.  For me it was a virtual walk down memory lane.

I’ve had requests to link to products on my blog before, and passed them all up.  Mostly it’s folks wanting me to link to their homemade jewelry or something, and I’m really not interested.  But I’ve actually had a request today to link to a product that I might actually buy or use myself, so what the hell!  Ryan at Taylor Guitars, your request is granted.  Just remember me if you’re whispering into Santa’s ear, huh?

Y’all clicky the link over to Taylor Guitars.  At the very least, you can ooh and aah over some damned gorgeous pieces of wood.  If you buy somethin’, tell ’em I sent you!  (No, I get no money out of it.  But I can dream of adding to my not-so-lucrative endorsements, eh?)

And finally, YES, the radio show is on for tonight, and holy hell (squared), people are even threatening to call in this time!  I’se flattered.  And somewhat more nervous, but that’ll just mean I’ll talk faster.  Which, for a southern guy like me, probably means about normal speed for the rest of you.

So come on, clicky here, listen and make fun of my high-pitched raspy voice and my accent.  Or call in and do it in front of everybody else:

(646) 915-8720

I never thought I’d have to say this, but remember I can only handle 5 callers on at any one time.  Hell, I was always happy to get the one, but I figure if two or three of us are on at the same time, it’s gonna be hysterical.

Oh, and thanks for the pimp, Laura!

See y’all tonight!


5 Responses

  1. Since I’ve had this cold, I sound more like Peter Brady when his voice was changing!

    Uh, okay! Hope that works for you with the ladies. It never did for me, Vanessa on the Cosby Show and her “Oh he’s so cute when his voice cracks!” be damned.

  2. “…you can ooh and aah over some damned gorgeous pieces of wood.”

    Can I have my Gutter Merit Badge now? 😀

    Yep. Here you go.

    If I’d said “wire and wood” would you have just thought “piercings?” 😀

  3. Hope all goes well tonight! I’ll be listening tomorrow as soon as I can, or if one of the kids has made me get up, live! 😛

    For your sake, I hope tomorrow! Thanks for the well-wishes, though!

  4. If you had said “wire and wood” I would have thought “Damn, you can find ANY fetish on the innernets!”

    I was actually kinda sorta quoting a poem called “The Guitarist Tunes Up.” I’ll have to find that someplace now.

  5. That seemed to go smoothly…the delay at the beginning made it a little awkward.

    Once you “dial in” on line. A second window, which was the other feed for me, opened up.

    I tried to stay quiet not to disrupt anything…

    Weird. Well, now I know all kindsa weirdness about the show, I guess!

    I didn’t hear anything like South Park in the background. Mighta heard you breathing once or twice but that’s about it!

    Thanks for the info and for joining in, man. Hope ya feel better soon.

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