Quick Hits

Oh yes, folks, it’s that time again!

The main reason I’m doing “Quick Hits” today is because I have an appointment with the dentist this afternoon, so I’m trying to do a day’s work (and a day’s non-work) in half a day.

If I’m lucky, I’ll get to go home early.  HAH.  Nice try.  After years of being off soft drinks almost entirely, this year has me sucking down about two Cokes a day.  That can’t be good, even if I DO brush pretty damned conscientiously.  (Flossing now, we’ll just not go there, hmm?  Yes, yes I know, I’m a bad monkey.)

Dys’s Quick Hits from the other day are instructive as to how my life is going right about now, good and bad.

After avoiding it for a year or two, I now have to admit:  The Polar Express is actually a pretty good holiday  movie.  It’s not The Ref, but it’s pretty good.

I actually tried to talk Dys out of putting up the tree and stuff this year.  We got crazily busy before we left for my folks’ last year and just never ended up having time to get it done – which I regretted at the time, but it sure did save a lot of hassle, especially putting it all away again after the holidays.  Getting it all out is a pain, but at least you feel festive about it, you know?

She hit me with the “He’s nine.  We need to get the tree out.”  So I agreed, and I did, and she’s absolutely right – for all those years when he was “meh” about the decorations, or just slightly more than “meh,” the boy is Christmas-crazy this year.  And it’s heartwarming to see.  It makes me feel positively Grincheriffic to think that I almost deprived us all of that opportunity.

I did find the headset for my cell phone for the radio show.  Now we’ll see how THAT one works!  There will be no snafu with intro-music this time – they must have found and deleted all my music.  After the trouble last time, screw it, it’s not worth it anyway.

It’s exam time here.  How do I know?  The last few times I’ve cut through the main library on the way to my office, there’s been a guy with a few chairs pulled together, crashed out.  He has a big-ass backpack, a duffel bag, and a jacket thrown over him.  There’s a thermos beside him, and a laptop open on the table next to him.

Same dude, same position, just different chairs for a few days now.  Yep.  Exam time.  Which always reminds me of my favorite exam story – I wrote it up last year, when many of you weren’t readers, so I’ll link it up here.  Enjoy!

No big shock to anyone:  I’ve pre-ordered a copy of Vix’s book.  (I’m getting mine autographed.  Nyah.)  Anyway, she’s got a Google storefront, simply named “Vix” as opposed to “Sex Blogger Book Sales, Inc.” for plain-brown-wrapper purposes, to handle the sales of the book.  Today I logged in to my Gmail account to find an email from Google asking me to review my transaction.

Big deal.  Except the subject line was:  “How was your experience with Vix?”

Call me childish, but that struck me funny as hell.  I immediately had several thoughts run through my head, like “It involved less boobies and a hell of a lot less Oreo crumbs than I was expecting…”

Finally, I saw this one today and couldn’t help but share it.  Partially because it’s funny, and partially because it’s painfully true.

This one is for Dys and Laura.

Damn you, Neil Patrick Harris.  Damn you for being right.

Damn you, Neil Patrick Harris. Damn you for being right.


11 Responses

  1. The Ref is one of my all time favorite movies! Unfortunately, and I’m not quite sure how it happened, I have to replace my copy of it. It either got all scratched to hell or it’s submitting to the over-playing of it.

    It’s too bad Dys now exists in a world of anti-time, because she should do a blog on how much she loves that movie.

  2. 1. NO ONE FLOSSES. Dentists need to figure this out and stop making us all feel guilty.

    To be honest, I don’t remember the last time a dentist really lectured me on this. My dentist just told me that I had a “place we’re going to have to watch” between two of my molars, and it would be a good idea if I flossed. Oops.

    2. Another reason why I like my plug-in tree-in-a-box. There are so many. When I finally do plug it in I will take a picture and do a special post about it.

    After reading MTAE and Heather talking about having to cut the burned-out bulbs off of their trees and THEN decorate it, I think I’ll stay away from the tree-in-a-box!

    But I also have the whole family thing, and a kid to make happy around Christmas. When I was single, I ran one strand of colored lights around my window and that made me perfectly happy. Still would. But it ain’t about just me nowadays.

    3. Those of you who think that women’s colleges are happy fluffy places with pillow fights and no pooping ever, you should not read the next sentence. Every year at exam time where I went to school, there were always two or three NASTY women exactly like that in the library. You could smell them three feet away. Table space was at a premium in that library and still no one would sit at their tables.

    Oh, I believe it. Guys may be less socially terrified of it, but they have no monopoly on Teh Stinkitude.

    But I refuse to believe that there were not nightly negligee-pillow-fights at girls’ school. There were at the all boys’ school…

    Hehehehe. I should totally hit my brother with that one when I’m home.

    4. That picture is perfection. I totally want to go shopping with NPH. Gooooo.

    I wanna go clubbing with him to circle like a vulture when the ladies bounce off of him. And I want his PhD in Horribleness.

  3. I FLOSS! All the time. So there. Hee 😉

    Oh Doogie…


  4. I don’t floss. And I get lectured every time I go into the dentist. Which is one of the reasons why I avoid the dentist. NOBODY LECTURE ME, because I ain’t interested.

    I LOVE ME SOME NPH. And, laws, could he have done anything but come out??? He was doomed at Doogie. Still. HAWT. And a great attitude, which is what I love more.

    Preach it, sister. I’m 34 years old. You ain’t my daddy. Lecturing me don’t make me your friend, slim.

    As for NPH, hell yes he has an awesome attitude. But as for coming out…eh, I’ve seen more obvious closet cases. *cough Aiken* NPH could have just laid low if he needed to. But who the hell really wants to live their life in the closet…particularly if you’re a celebrity who has to worry about being recognized pretty much everywhere? That has to suck.

  5. I floss, brush and mouthwash every day after lunch. I keep all my dental implements in my top desk drawer. And my co-workers find me weird for doing this. I kinda think it’s gross not to brush after lunch.

    I partially agree, but if you worked in the places I’ve worked, you’d probably find it grosser to brush in those bathrooms. Hell, I consider myself lucky to go to a bathroom at the U and not find somebody more or less bathing in the sink.

  6. Ha! (Giggling at Beej’s comment.) They make fun of me at work for all my dental practices too! We’ll see who is laughing with a full mouth full of their factory installed teeth in a few years!

    Amazingly, my teeth are still all OEM. No wisdom teeth (that was a fun spring break in junior year of high school) but otherwise I still have all my factory equipment. Lotsa Bondo, though. 😉

    I’m not like Nate from 6 Ft Under, though. “I’ve had 4 root canals! AND I’M 34! 4 ROOT CANALS!!”

  7. I kick flossers in the teeth with my steel-toed Doc Martens! Or…I used to! They must be up there in the attic somewhere with my cartoon books! Damned toe is probably rusty.

    Hmmmphh! How about kicking someone in the teeth with those rusty bad boys!

    Make it real easy to floss between them after I pull out my boot with five or six teeth on it, huh?

    Sorry…I’ll sit down now!

    Dude, maybe you need to get back into some martial arts and vent some of that aggression before we see you on CNN.

  8. Watch it, pal. I can see MY steel-toed Doc Martens from where I’m sittin’…

    Hmm. We may have the world’s first Online Interstate Steel-Toed Stompin’ Match taking place right here in my comments.

    Best Day Evar!

  9. I am an intermittent flosser. My dentist also gives me grief about it every time I go. However, at the age of 33 I am proud to say I have still never had to have a filling! 🙂

    Well then you must be doing something right…certainly better than me, at least!

  10. Heather, I found one boot, a tennis shoe and stack of comics…you are so in trouble!

    So you can run fast with one foot, throw comics at her to trip her, and kick with the steel-toed? Sounds like a Mortal Kombat-quality combo!

  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Neeeeeiiiiiillllll…. Mmmmmmm. Thanks, baby. 😉

    Baby was to TB, not Neil. 😀

    …must suck to stay in the closet when so famous yada yada… Ricky Martin, anyone???

    I need to do that blog on The Ref!

    You’re welcome, yes you do, and WTF is that you’ve changed your avatar to? I’m sure it’s awesome, I just can’t really recognize it in that small a picture!

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