Okay, I think

Right after I get home from the dentist (with a stop-off at the grocery store on the way) Dys says, “I need to take my laptop to Best Buy [having something installed].  Do you want us all to go?  Maybe get something to eat?”

I blinked at her for a second.  Then I slapped myself in my freshly-novacained cheek.  

“Oh.”  she said.

Anyways, we’re going to Best Buy, and going out to dinner.  Hopefully I won’t eat my face in the process…but it’s been a while since the three of us went out, and by god, I’m gonna take my chances!


4 Responses

  1. Best Buy! Good God! Be careful there…leave the credit cards at home!

    Luckily for the credit cards, we were in a hurry because Dys had some work due and we wanted to eat out. We dropped off her laptop and left.

  2. Argh. How did it go?

    One filling where he told me “we’ll watch that spot” last time (lower left), which was expected, and one in the upper right, not so expected by me but no surprise to the dentist. I got a filling there last year and he said it’s common that if you have a cavity on one side, there’s also one forming on the other side, it just may not be as far along…so you fill the one, and after a while the other one finally appears on the X-ray.

    My jaw’s still sore from that long-ass novocaine needle on the lower left, but other than that, business as usual. I managed to successfully avoid eating my lips during dinner last night, so it’s all good. 😀

  3. Hee! My dentist always says “If everyone took care of your teeth like you do, I’d be out of business.” *giggle*

    Best Buy makes me nuts every time I go in there. There’s just too much going on in there and it’s a bit of a sensory overload for me. All the noises, all the displays, all the people. It’s almost bad as the slot machine section in a casino.

    I bet your dentist is right.

    As for Best Buy, I guess I’m too much of a stereotypical guy. The noise and displays don’t move me at all unless they have something to do with what I’m there for. Otherwise I just tune it out, go to what I’m after, grab it, leave. It’s only the people that annoy me.

  4. Best Buy during Christmas season? You are indeed all very brave people.

    I’m still avoiding my dentist because I still have two wisdom teeth (funny, I don’t feel any wiser) that need to be ripped from my jaw.

    Actually, last night it wasn’t that bad, but we were there right before 6, just after all the “on the way home” people and just before the “ok, dinner’s over, time to shop” people I guess.

    I spent a day shadowing in an oral surgeon’s office my senior year of high school (my chem teacher somehow really, really, really wanted me to be a surgeon – he still says I had the steadiest hands of any student he ever had) and hoo boy, is that some fun stuff. Yikes.

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