Radio Show Technical Info

Okay, folks, radio show how-to’s here!

The big button above (or this link) will take you to my radio show profile page.  Incidentally, the profile page always plays the most recent show in a little window off to the right, if any of you want to relive my most recent foray onto the airwaves.

The show will go live at 10pm Eastern time on Thursday night.  You know, it was Wednesday or Thursday, and I had to schedule it to miss Mythbusters.

Click on the big-ass button above or click the link to stop by and listen in! At 10pm, a “Click to Listen” button will appear on my profile page there and you can click that to launch Windows Media Player and stream the show live.  Note for the Apple users in the crowd – the last I heard, you had to download Windows Media Player for the Mac or Flip4Mac in order to listen live.  Info on that is at the BlogTalkRadio FAQ here.  Again, I have no direct experience with this, although I suppose I may soon…dang Kool-Aid.  (Just kidding, honey!)

Or, for the adventurous, you can call in and talk to me on the air. The call-in number is:

(646) 915-8720

(Get the hint?)

Alternatively, and this is a new wrinkle since I was doing the show with any regularity, there should be a “click to talk” button for Microsoft Internet Explorer users, which should in theory (and again, I haven’t tested this so I have no clue how it would work) allow anyone with a microphone connected to their computer to click the button and talk to me directly over VOIP.  I can have up to 5 callers on the line at one time.  I’m not too concerned about that being a problem…so far, the record stands at 1.  And that only happened twice out of the dozen or so times I’ve done this.

When 10 rolls around, the chick with the snooty British accent will say “BlogTalkRadio!” and then yours truly will be drawlin’ on the airwaves. Last time I had some issues with the headset volume on my phone, so this time I’ll try to find my ancient-ass cell phone headset and use that instead.  Note to self…find cell phone headset…

As a side note, the show is scheduled for 30 minutes. That means that, as I understand it, when 10:30 rolls around, the “Click to Listen” button goes away and nobody else can click to listen, and nobody else can call in. However, anybody already on the phone or anybody already listening in will be able to continue doing so. In other words, if we’re having fun, the show can run long.

As of this moment I haven’t the foggiest idea what the hell I’m going to be talking about, I’m just gonna wing it. Anybody that calls in gets the chance to help determine the direction of the conversation, so let that be a mini-bribe.

It’s important to add that if there are any problems with the show, check here for updates.  I once had a significant problem getting through on the phone lines to my own show, and I didn’t start until 10 minutes late.  If anything like that happens, I’ll post up here.

Hope some of y’all can join me! If not, well, you can always listen to the archived segments and laugh at me.  It just probably won’t be as much fun as it would be doing it live!


8 Responses

  1. Calvin and I will be tuning in! I’ll tell him to keep it PG. If you hear the muffled sounds of a wrestling match as I try to get the phone away from him, you’ll know why.

    You can TUNE in without CALLING in, if such tickles your fancy, Ms. “I Hate Hearing My Voice.” 😉

    Speaking of which, who doesn’t hate hearing their own voice on a recording? Raise your hands? Uh, yeah, I’m sitting on mine right now…

  2. Game on…

    I threw the headset in the bag from work…I’ll to help test the VOIP.

    Rock on! At least now I’ll know for future reference.

  3. It sounds so cool! Robbie will no doubt make me get up in the middle of the night, so I may get to listen to some of it live!

    If not, absolutely no worries. If I ever do a show in the middle of the afternoon my time, THEN I might shake a finger at you for not being there live. But I don’t see myself doing that from my office at work, heh. Coworkers might raise eyebrows at me.

  4. If I can tear myself away from season 4 of Lost I’ll check it out. No promises, as am OBSESSED with Lost.

    I assure you, if you’re obsessed with any given TV show, this will be less interesting to you than that. And b’sides, you can always listen to the archived segment later.

    But if you’re so moved, now I know how flattered to be!

  5. Yay, you’re doing it again!

    Oh yeah. 😉

  6. I set a reminder! Now I hope I’m near a computer. I have a shoot but should be somewhere near a computer by ten.

    I hope.

    If not, my question would be what was your most embarrassing Christmas story?

    Mine’s not embarrassing but it was annoying. I was in the house alone with all the gifts. No, I didn’t open any. I swapped all the name tags. I’m lucky I got out alive!

    Have a great show.

    Damn, I have no idea what my most embarrassing Christmas story would be! Now I’m gonna have to think.

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