Monday Music

This week’s song doesn’t really have any personal significance.  I don’t even argue that it’s a good song.  But I like it.

Back when I was in college I was spending my days at my summer job, driving a lumber truck back and forth across the countryside…sometimes by myself, occasionally with one of the other guys.  Most of the truck radios could only pick up an R&B station out of North Carolina, because it was being boosted by a tower in town.  That suited most of us just fine – I was still fairly amenable to R&B and hip-hop back in those days.  I used to really enjoy cruising with a heavyset black guy named Haywood, listening to the R&B station and laughing our asses off about all kinds of weirdness.  I think of those days often – we worked like hell and shed gallons of sweat doing some pretty crappy work, but it could sometimes be a lot of fun.

At the same time, I tended to run a semi-annual revision of my car stereo system (seriously, my buddy and I did this on one or the other of our cars at least once a year.  Ah, stupid youth.  Anyway…).  

Anyway, this song was playing a lot one summer – I heard it in the truck, and it’d be playing while I laid upside-down in my trunk running wires to an amplifier.  So while it’s not the best song on earth, I think it’s pretty cool.  It reminds me of those times, when I’d ride around with Haywood for 50 hours a week, and rewire a subwoofer with my buddy Chris all weekend…so for that, it’s in my cool book.

That, and I have a secret Vocoder fetish from my elementary-school rap fascination.  Whodini and all that.  Whatever.  Shaddap.

Roger Troutman, “I Want To Be Your Man”


One Response

  1. ::shakin’ my head::

    If I’m still singing THIS one tomorrow…Ima git you.

    (I feel the urge to end that with ‘sucka’ but I won’t.)

    I wouldn’t have minded. And as for things to put in your head, you gotta admit, it could be worse.

    (And I didn’t give you an example. See, ain’t I nice? At least when Santa’s lookin’…)

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