Radio Show is On

Aw yeah.  Once again, I’m bad, I’m nationwide.

I’ve scheduled my Taoist Biker Holiday Special (the true geeks are laughing their butts off right now) for this Thursday night, December 11th, at 10:00pm Eastern time, 7pm Pacific.  

More info to come, I just wanted to post up the info asap so you guys can start canceling your other plans and stuff!  Hope to hear from y’all on Thursday…either way, should you choose, you’ll be hearing from me!


5 Responses

  1. Damn! I’ve got to do my hair on Thursday.

    Me too! Gotta put on my radio face and all.

  2. Shite! I actually have to go to school that night. Good luck.

    Grassy-ass. I mean gracias. 🙂

    You can still listen afterward and laugh at my voice/accent, of course.

  3. Aw, hell. I missed it by a few hours last time (was snockered) and now this time I have no computer. I’m sitting at the library right now. And they fucking blocked Vix’s site so I have no idea what’s going on with her. Bastards!

    Again, ‘sok. Like I told Sarah, you can laugh at me later. And now that we have another computer, in theory I can still do this again sometime.

    Vix hasn’t been posting much lately – too busy working on her book!

  4. I was singing ZZ Top all damn day because of you. Must we do this to each other all the time?!?!

    I might just be around on Thursday! That’s a good day for me. 🙂

    Must we? No. Can I resist? Uh, also no. 😀

    Awesome! You can call in and torture me in real time, heheh.

  5. It’ll be the middle of the night where I am- can we “listen again”?

    Good luck!

    I’ll address this again in a bit, but yes, you can listen afterward. I’ll link up my radio show web page, and you can listen to the last show from this spring or summer or whenever the hell it was.

    Believe me, I thought about you when I scheduled it, there’s just no good time for me to do it during the week that’s not in the middle of the night for you. Nevertheless, I optimistically maintain that one day you’ll be able to call in and make me laugh. And vice versa.

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