Surfing the Radio Waves

Speaking of the radio show, I forget that a lot of you may not have been hanging around ye olde blog back when I did that back in the summer.

Here’s the link to the show itself – you can listen in to my squeaky drawling voice at will under the little picture of me on the right.  Pardon the dead air in the beginning, my intro music didn’t work.

Here’s the immediate  pre-show blog post in which I talk about how it works and what I planned to do.  It also contains a few of the immediate-post-show comments.

Here’s an earlier one in which I first confirmed the date and time, and talked about accent anxiety.

Here’s the postmortem blog post, in which I talk about what I felt went right and what went wrong.

In the original incarnation of my radio show, back when I was still doing the blogging thing via Myspace, I did a December show in which I talked about family holiday traditions.  It was one of my favorite shows, and I think I’d enjoy doing it again.  And if others called in to talk about their own traditions, well that would just add icing to the coolness.

I’m definitely warming up to the idea.


One Response

  1. You should talk about *men and women* things. That really got things going here a couple of weeks ago. As wordy as we all became here, you’d have to reserve a couple of hours for airtime!

    Heheheh, I think I might need to get warmed back up on the air before I tackle something like that! Gimme a practice show or two first. Then we’ll uncork that particular bottle of whoop-ass.

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