I’m stuffed already

It’s about the end of my shortened workday, y’all, and I plan on spending the next four days trying not to be irritated with my in-laws, playing video games with my son, and alternately stuffing my face and groaning miserably.

Now that’s a fuckin’ tradition for ya, people.

Y’all have a happy Thanksgiving!


3 Responses

  1. Have a great break. I will be in work. We don’t do Thanksgiving here! Eat some turkey for me! 😀

    I’ll eat turkey for you, but I’ll eat some pie for you, me, and about three other people!

  2. Not sure if we’ll get released early, or not. But I sure am ready!

    Hope you and the family have a wonderful time!

    Grazie, and I hope you did get time off for good behavior there!

  3. I’m all by myself (Calvin went to Michael’s to get more greenery for the vivarium) and I’m making The Pie (NOT naming it, so the Nazis don’t get us) and just the raw ingredients taste so damned good that I just want to eat it from the bowl with a big ol’ spoon. We’re using Gentleman Jack instead of Maker’s Mark, since that’s the whisky that Calvin likes to sip on more so than MM. Don’t hate us. There shall be pictures! (I had two shots, BTW, the rest went into the pie.)


    Heheh. Here’s hoping you made it through the night without diabetic coma! 😉

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