Compilation time?

Because we all love Greatest Hits collections…and because I’m getting a few new (or new-ish) readers lately, I updated all of my tabs above:  On Music, Relationships, Motorcycling, and About TB.  No changes to the FAQ or Glossary, though.

Anything I should have included?  Any requests?


3 Responses

  1. Damn…I should have looked up there before…I am going to stay away from the “On Relationships” tab.

    Where is “The Girl About to Burst out of Her Shirt” tab?

    Honestly, I initially was going to post a hot babe pic once a week…but I got tired of it.

    I guess I’d say here’s the link to the busting-out pic – bookmark it. 😉

  2. Am I new or old?! 😛

    I don’t about a “The Girl About to Burst out of Her Shirt” tab. If you want to keep me and Heather (probably Dys too)happy, you should introduce a “Butt Nekkid Men Who Are Really Really Hot” tab. Well, it seems only fair in the interests of equality. 😀

    Hmm, for some reason your comment was flagged for me to approve? I’m taking that as a sign that the universe doesn’t want a “hot nekkid men” tab. >:)

  3. The universe is constantly kicking me in the shins!!! It is now keeping me from butt nekkid men!

    It’s okay Suzy, TB can take care of the boobie stuff for the boys over here now and again. I’ll handle the occasional hot male stuff over at my place for us girl-types. 😉

    Fun stuff!

    Fine. In a tip of the hat to Dys’s post from last night, here’s some nekkid men butts for ya.

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