My Endorsement Deals

This is something that I think about from time to time, because I’ve more or less been making jokes about it to my friends for about 10 or 15 years…since I’ve only worn Nike tennis shoes since high school, and at some point I began to laugh at myself about it.  “Can’t wear Reeboks, they might ruin my chance at an endorsement!”  Similarly, when I upgraded my car stereo a few years back, I had a couple of options that were close competitors, and one of them was Pioneer.  Well, every car stereo I’d ever bought (even the old-style two-post one!) was a Pioneer, so I thought of that old “endorsement” joke I used to make, laughed, and bought the Pioneer.

So, I figured I’d throw this out there as a funny.  Anybody who wants to take it up and do it themselves is welcome to do so (even if you don’t nab all the logos!).

[Note to corporate lawyers:  This is meant to both complimentary, since I heavily use every product listed here, and amusing, in that nobody in their right mind should take this to be an actual endorsement of me by your company.  “Nobody in their right mind” should include you, right?  Right.  Okay, just checking, thank you, drive through.]

If Taoist Biker was famous, he might be brought to you by the following sponsors, in no particular order  (but since he ain’t, he throws a big hunk of money their way):

and, of course,

(Ducati motorcycles and Tama drums, your endorsement could be next if we could, uh, work out an arrangement.  Let’s talk deal, eh?  Aw, c’mon!)


8 Responses

  1. I have no clue about coffee in the US, but I think MTAE recently banned Fender likers from his blog- I know the whole baldness thing is a get out of jail free card on that count though, so you should be safe. 😉

    I love the idea of this!

    Oh, wait- I’m really flaky when it comes to products. I’ll just buy whatever’s going cheapest, within reason… 😀

    He banned Folgers, the coffee, not Fender, the guitar company. But still it’s nice to have this baldness thing work out for me some kinda way. 😉

  2. Good thing you’re a biker with all the sponsor patches you’re going to be wearing. I can’t help but to wonder where the Quilted Northern patch will be.

    Well, many racers have their NAME on their ass. (Seriously. When you’re all leaned forward in a full tuck, your ass is kinda pointed up and back…)

    I’m working on a TV pilot (sort of, it’s bounced around so much I’ve lost faith/interest) where one of the episodes has no commercials. It’s loaded with product placements. My agent thinks I’m an idiot but things like that happen when I’m spinning my wheels.

    Personally I’d rather have the product placements than the commercials. And the sponsors probably recognize that if I’m not pissed off, their products aren’t getting enough attention.

  3. I say peopple should get these deals done with tats.

    No matter what, though, it all comes down to the toilet paper.

    Well, you could do the tattoos, and then suddenly New Coke comes along and you look like an asshole.

  4. I love that you’re brought to us by Reese and Rockband the most! 🙂

    Thanks to Reese’s, there’s a lot more of me to bring to you!

  5. “And of course…” BWAAHAHAHAA.

    Dankyadankya. Glad to see the coup de grace worked as planned.

  6. Honestly, I half-expected somebody to ask “What the hell is a Suomy?” etc. I guess you people really get me! 😀

  7. God, I always manage to get something wrong!!! 😀

    Bah, it’s okay. You make up for it with the occasional UK-isms that make me go “What? OH! Heheheheh.”

  8. I would most definitely be willing to cross-promote Reese’s on my blog…assuming there were some kind of perks. Free candy for a year…a month…a week…a day. I don’t ask for much.

    I don’t know what many of those brands are (including Suomy [what the hell is it?], roc-n-soc, and headblade. Bike accessories and such??

    I’d take free Reese’s for an hour!

    I suppose I could have done the intelligent thing and linked their websites. But I suppose then they could sic their humorless lawyers on me. They should all be google-able.

    Suomy – Motorcycle helmets
    Roc-n-Soc – Drum thrones (I have no drums, but I have a throne I use for Rock Band – silly, I know, but MAN that thing beats the heck out of sitting in a chair)
    Headblade – special razors made to shave your head.

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