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Just another one of those ships-passing-in-the-night collection of random thoughts from yours truly…


To continue the down-emotion theme of earlier today for just a minute, and then let it go for more upbeat stuff…

Veterans Day and Memorial Day get me a little worked up.  Sometimes I feel unworthy of the sacrifices that others, including family members, have made on my behalf.  But I once within the span of a week heard two men of the Vietnam generation say that they regretted not having served…which I immediately thought was strange, and a bit self-serving in a way.  Certainly all of the ‘Nam vets I ever talked to about such things would have said they had no goddamned clue what they were talking about, they should be glad that they didn’t live through that hell.

I guess I just don’t know how I’d make it through, and I often feel more than a little humbled in the presence of those who, by will or ability or sheer luck (or, more likely, a combination thereof) were able to do so.


Now, in happier news, it’s now more or less official…Dys, the boy, the dog and I are making the trek back to Virginia for Christmas again this year.  It’ll be the first time we spent two Christmases there in a row since we moved out west in 1998.  Which, by definition, pretty much means it’ll be the last time we spend two in a row there in about a decade, because we now owe the family in the Midwest a few.

In the meantime, the Christmas morning bluegrass jam is on, and I’ve been eschewing my guitar practice for Rock Band drums.  Damn, gotta get back to running some scales on the old acoustic before I embarrass myself in front of the fam!

Oh, and how in the hell are we gonna haul the three of us, the dog, the dog’s crate, winter clothes for all of us, the Xbox and Rock Band setup (can’t spend a week with a big-screen TV and my brother and sister-in-law and not do some RB!) and Christmas gifts 600 miles in an Oldsmobile?

Well, for starters, you order Rock Band 2 and have it delivered directly to their house.


I just idly noticed “The Taoist Biker Glossary” among my top three pages when I checked my blog stats, and had the quick thought to ask you guys…anything that I should add to the Glossary or the FAQ?  Or even, in the spirit of a great Zeppelin web site I found once upon a time, an “Infrequently Murmured Trivia” section?

I figured it wouldn’t hurt me to ask.  Wouldn’t hurt y’all, neither.


Finally, just because I saw this again recently and it still makes me laugh every single time I see it…

Y’all have a good one.


9 Responses

  1. You’re so silly! Those boobs look faker than a very fake thing, but men don’t seem to care all that much these days as long as their perky. Damn. 😛

    I will look at your glossary and FAQ again before I comment! 😀

    Hope you and the family have a great Christmas- Virginia always looks really lovely when I see pics from friends. We have the same problems about packing when shipping up to the house in Donegal. It’s trying to do all the laundry when you get home, too! Ugh!

    I don’t care if they’re real or fake in this instance, it’s damned funny! (I actually have absolutely zero experience with fakes, so somebody else can comment there.)

    We’ll try to take some pictures this year.

  2. You’re right. Seven times and it still didn’t happen…


  3. I find it sad how long I sat there and stared at that video.

    This was probably the seventh or eighth time I’ve come across it online (I have some strange and twisted compadres on my motorcycle boards), and each time I’ve both laughed my head off and said, “Wait, I’m STILL WATCHING.”

  4. You’re right. I watched it a few times, and not once did she slip and puncture one of those fun bags and send it spiraling like a leaky balloon. *snap*

    What? What were you waiting to see happen?

    Waiting to see if those WERE our scissors from the kitchen. SURE DO LOOK LIKE ‘EM.

  5. Boys are so easily amused.

    This should usually work in your favor, no?

  6. nine and ten.

    I was too distracted to count.

  7. Awww, honey, you’re, um, sweet. I may be able to pass for the size, but even nature never put them in that position – not even straight from the factory! 😛

    That’s why I have hands, I guess. 😀

    (I may pay for that, y’all.)

  8. Speaking of your little picture, looks like OEM is already in the glossary.

    Bwahahah, touche’!

  9. I’m frustrated now. thanks!

    Always glad to help. 😀

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