Monday Music

I actually had a hysterically funny Monday Music idea yesterday, but I’m sticking with the one I formulated on Friday and I’ll put yesterday’s idea forward to next week.  Because, well, this one depends a little upon timeliness.

I’ve already established that I’m pleased with the results of last week’s election.  Our president-elect represents hope to me and many others like me.  However, this is where I implore him to not rest on his laurels, to not be known for a series of stirring speeches.  Mr. President, I implore you to practice what you preach.

Testament, “Practice What You Preach”

(This is the music video, but the vid and sound quality aren’t the best.  There’s a better sound quality version here.)

I don’t think I’m reaching too much to throw this song in, but if so, I’ll take it.  I always loved this tune, and Testament (along with Exodus) were yet another of those on-the-cusp-but-didn’t-cash-in bands of the late-80s thrash era.  If I recall correctly, they recorded this song (and this entire album) pretty much live in the studio and only overdubbed the vocals.  That’s pretty damned impressive.

‘Scuse me, gotta mosh some now.  Y’all might wanna give me some room.


3 Responses

  1. I love Testament! Burnt Offerings is still in constant rotation with me. Great choice (and you’re correct, timely).

    Room…to mosh?!?! That’s just silly talk, right there.

    Since you brought up Exodus, shall we Toxic Waltz?

    Absolutely. I should put that up as another MM someday.

    Hell, those old Bay Area thrash bands were so thoroughly incestuous that they should just release one big combination boxed set.

  2. You know? I’ve never been in a mosh pit and always wanted to try. However, my Hello Kitty status would probably get me killed.

    Usually it’s not much of a problem, just people shoving each other around and bouncing off each other. The worst that would happen is getting your toes stepped on. But about half the time there’s one guy who takes it too far and is shoving too hard, or who is actually out there looking for a fight.

    It’s not terribly hard to spot this guy if he shows. So don’t mosh the first few tunes, watch for That Guy, and wait for Pit Justice to be administered. If 1) he’s fighting, security will take him out; if 2) he’s just overly-aggressive, other moshers will tire of it and give him the roughing-up he’s looking for until he gets the point and stops being so anti-social…or, it reverts back to Step 1.

  3. I think I’m officially too old to mosh these days. Still, it was fun back then… 😀

    Great choice! My coworkers all look a little scared, but they know better than to comment… 😛

    Yeah, I can’t keep up with it anymore. Last time I tried was last year on a 4-band bill – I wore myself out on the first band, by the time the 3rd came on I was too tired. When the 4th band came on, I ended up saying “Screw this” and retreating back toward the soundboard to hang out.

    Which was also cool in a way, because it ended up that several of the bandmembers from band #3 (the one I most wanted to see) eventually made their way to that spot also, so I got to say “hello” and “thanks for coming out” to them.

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