A new day

Remember, remember the Fifth of November…

Happy Guy Fawkes Day, everybody!

Oh, huh?  Elections?  Oh yeah!  I almost forgot.

Right.  Like anybody would let us forget.  Hell, I got a robocall yesterday afternoon from a candidate I’d never even heard of.  It wasn’t anyone on MY ballot, never mind that I’d already voted.  I mentioned the name to Dys, and a while later last night she said she thought the name I’d said (I’d forgotten it by then).  Turns out it was a guy running for the Senate about four states away.  Glad you want my support, fella, but it ain’t gonna do ya no good!

Well, all of my candidates won except two, and one of those was a local judgeship.  So on balance I’m a happy guy.  Especially with the results of the presidential election.

For large questions, there are no short or easy answers.  It remains to be seen whether Mr. Obama will be a bold new leader or yet another buffoon.  But amidst my usual cynicism, I’ll admit this morning to an unusual helping of hope.  A mild revolution has succeeded, and it didn’t even require a few tons of gunpowder.  Let’s hope that the new government of, for, and by the people is one that we can be proud of.

If not, let’s at least hope it remembers the ol’ Chaotic Good motivation poster.

(Hey, I had to tie it back to Guy Fawkes SOME kinda way.)


So at the go-kart track, my son says “Let’s not worry so much about being fast.  Let’s be smooth.”

Huh?  Is this driver’s ed?!?  It’s a go-kart track!!

The deer trotting through the track while karts whizzed around was interesting, at least.


6 Responses

  1. Driving smooth? hahaha, I love your son.

    As for the elections, I am SO ready for the news to revert back to stabbings and such. I cannot take anymore of the partisan bickering.

    Maybe he’s been hearing me talk up Valentino Rossi too much. When it comes to riding fast (i.e. go-karts and that’s pretty much it) I’m all about dancing on the ragged edge. Smooth doesn’t feel as much fun. 😉

    Agreed; let’s find something else to moan and groan about for a few years now!

  2. Your son always has the best sound bytes. He sounds like a smart kid!!

    Isn’t it funny- the rest of the UK will be gearing up for Guy Fawkes night, but in NI we don’t bother. It’s Hallowe’en or bust for us, baby!!! 😛

    I hope that the outcome of your election will turn out to be a great one. I think it has definite potential. 🙂

    I’d be celebrating Guy Fawkes night, but more in the sense of “He almost got away with it!” But I’ve probably seen V for Vendetta a few too many times.

  3. The kid wants to be cool and smooth…I like him. 🙂

    Yeah, believe it or not, me too. Usually. 😉

  4. I got caught up in those gaming motivational posters. Some of them were pretty awesome. Thanks for leading me to that site!

    Oh hell yeah, I love that site. I found it probably six months ago and bookmarked it so I can occasionally get a good chuckle.

  5. 1. Go-kart tracks are all about standing on the pedal!

    2. Both of us with the same titled post on the same day?

    1. I know, I was almost offended! It was bad enough that he was in the underpowered little-kid kart so I already had to slow down so as not to run away from him…but then he wasn’t even flooring the putt-putt kart? I’m not the most competitive person on earth (understatement) but man it sucked pulling over and just letting everybody go by. Still did it though, because the only thing that sucks worse is being behind somebody slooooooow on a kart track that won’t let you get around.

    2. Hah! I hadn’t even noticed!

  6. Was it an albino deer?

    No, just a plain ol’ doe. I have seen an albino though – there was a good-sized albino deer that took up residence near my home for a few years when I was about 12 or so. We spotted it a few times while out playing in the woods.

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