More “Grr” moments

I drove my son to school today for what I think was the first time this year.  Man.  Do I not miss doing that every day.

Getting my boy out there is fine.  It’s getting to work from that end of town that blows big hairy goat balls.  To put it into perspective, I live about five miles from work.  A ten-minute drive from the house to the parking space and a ten-minute walk from my parking space to my office on your average day.  Today I got to my office about an hour and a half after I left home.  Eesh.

In other news, big shock, the economy isn’t all that good.  The university might end up having to make some cuts.  My particular unit cut everything they could except people last year.  If they have to make more cuts, it’s gonna mean butts out the door.  There are older people here that in other times might have been prevailed upon to take early retirement…but with the market the way it’s been lately, whose retirement fund is good enough to contemplate that now?

Not good.

Maybe I should be thinking about diversifying both my portfolio and my resume.


2 Responses

  1. Ughhhh on both counts. I’m really lucky to live about ten minutes drive from the office. Dropping the boys off at daycare/school involves a one mile detour and adds about 5 minutes.

    Sorry about the university making cuts. Times are hard- there can’t be many of us anywhere who don’t get worried about our jobs.

    I know what you mean about retirement funds. I doubt my pension is currently worth anything like what I’ ve paid into it!

    Wow, cheery post, TB! I am reaching for the whisky, and it’s all your fault.


    Well, hell, now I feel bad!

    How’s about I tell a story or something and we forget all about how depressing life can be?

  2. I suggest that you pick up your hairy goat balls and join the circus…

    learn to juggle.

    I saw Max Patkin, Clown Prince of Baseball, at a Durham Bulls game once. I remember him hollering to the batter from the first-base coach’s box: “You got two balls on ya now. One more and you can join the circus!”

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