Back (still upright)

I sucked it up, took my Good Stuff DayQuil, and went to the concert.  I walked through the door just as the opening act was starting its first song, and I managed to snag one of the dozen or so actual seats in the whole damned place.  (It’s a general-admission club with an open floor – but there were about a dozen bar stools along a rail just behind the light and sound boards at the back of the floor.  One was open.  Score!)

Anyway, to conserve my pathetically low energy reserves, I sat on the stool the whole night, sipping JUST enough of my $3 bottle of water to combat the dry-mouth side effects of the DayQuil without succumbing to the other side effect of DayQuil, which is its apparent ability to shrink my bladder to the size of an acorn.  No way that stool would have waited around for my ass! 

One opening band was mediocre and the other was thoroughly uninteresting to me (I’d seen the uninteresting one earlier this year on another tour, and it confirmed that it wasn’t just an off night for them.  Oh well) but the band I went to see kicked ass as always.  I took a handful of photos that, upon examining them this morning, contain not a single image of a recognizable human being.  Some interesting shots nonetheless, but it’s kinda like “Is that Slash, or Robert Plant, or Lenny Kravitz?  I can’t tell!”  That’s what I get for taking low-light photos from all the way across the room.  Oh well.  It was worth it not to wear myself out.

I saw this same band at the same club about four years ago with Dys, and I can remember fighting fatigue the whole long drive home that night.  You know it’s bad when it’s 2am on the interstate and you do one of those blink-oops-how-long-have-I-been-zoned-out things.  Being under the weather just made me fear those moments a lot more…much more than the prospect of being laid out on the couch for another day or so. 

It certainly didn’t help that on the way there I saw a buttload of deer (alive, dead, and huge blood smears on the interstate where they probably were at some point – yikes).  It’s about the rutting time of year, after all.  So on the drive back, my deer-paranoia was running at about 85%.  (I think the only time it’s been higher was several years ago when a friend and I went to see Tool back in the Midwest in October and drove back a few hours on a rural interstate after midnight, right after most of the corn had been cut, so the deer were both rutting AND in search of food AND in search of cover.)

But my energy conservation strategy paid off.  The last 30 miles or so I could tell I was really tired, but I never had to really fight to stay alert. 

Too bad my last bit of caffeine kicked in right as I was going to bed.  Damn it.  Oh well.  I’ve got tomorrow and Sunday to catch up on my sleep.

But anyways, I wanted to let y’all know that I went, I saw, I took shitty photos, and I wasn’t conquered. 

Off to run some errands and stuff today, so I may or may not see comments and stuff until Monday.  In any case, y’all have a good weekend!

Edited to answer a few comments.  Here ya go, smartalecks, it was these guys.  😀



7 Responses

  1. Heh, if it were me, and I had to pee, I’d take the bar stool with me, and tell them I brought it with me to the show.

    So you gonna tell us what band it was? Don’t be shy. 😛

    The dude beside me did get up once and miraculously nobody took the seat – but he was with the guy on the other side, so that dude could have spoken up for him. I didn’t have a buddy system workin’!

  2. Yeah, what band was it? Sorry about the bladder issues, lol!

  3. I have been known to drive with my head out of the window when on really hard trips. It isn’t too bad doing it as a passenger too.

    I remember, before I could drive, my older brother and I were on a trip and I looked over and he was completely OUT! That might have been the most terrifying moment in my life.

    Dude, that would probably be the scariest moment in my life, too! As it is, I think it’s the time when I was a teenager and riding in an old 2.5 ton work truck with a guy who kept having to radically turn the wheel to do steering corrections as we crossed this mile-long (literally) two-lane bridge. He didn’t go back to the shop, but drove straight to the mechanic’s place. Backing it into a parking spot, the steering box completely gave way – he could turn the wheel forever in any direction and it did nothing. Wow were we lucky.

  4. I’m SO glad you went!

    Me too!

  5. In reply to the “who was it?” see the photo I added above. 😀

    I’ll probably review the whole show and maybe even post the half-a-song’s worth of a video I shot before some dude asked me to quit shooting – I just want their tour schedule on their web site to update first.

    I know I’m probably excessively paranoid to worry about my anonymity so much, but ya can’t stuff that genie back into the bottle. It’s not all you commenting folks that I worry about…but who knows who the heck is reading and not commenting, ya know?

    Yeah, that means YOU. Yeah, you, the guy in the funky t-shirt and jeans. Ya need a haircut.

  6. I know who it is, I know who it is… I knew before I even commented the first time. You know how I said I was gonna go see them? I did. I forgot my freakin’ camera. And then shit just kinda hit the fan, so I forgot about posting about it.

    I figured you’d know! 😀

    In the end, I probably would have been just as well off to leave the camera. I didn’t get any real pictures of interest. Some of them are interesting, but that’s just because they’re blurred in cool-looking ways!

    Shit hit the fan, huh? I’ll have to catch back up with you this week.

  7. […] a few from the Opeth show I went to last October (and that I still haven’t blogged about in detail…I suck) when I […]

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