Upright and dressed

What more can you ask for, huh?

I’m in the office today, surprisingly successfully digging myself out of a deep email hole from being gone four of the last five days (and about to be out tomorrow as well).  Meanwhile I’m drugging myself heavily and attempting to focus my eyes on a computer screen through this damned headache I have.  I’m reassuring myself that I had a badass headache yesterday about this time as well, and it went away by late afternoon, so all’s I gotta do is hang on.

As Dys said in her post from the other day that I totally missed at the time (and too bad, too, because it was damned funny and I coulda used a laugh.  Especially if it didn’t make me hack up a lung), I’m supposed to be taking a long drive this evening to catch a concert.  I’m still holding onto that dream by my fingernails, reassuring myself that I felt a lot better late last night than I did this time of day.  If it was in town, no big deal whatsoever.  It’s just that long drive late at night after a late end to a draining show, ya know?  It sounded tiring last week, and that’s before I slept 13 hours from Tuesday night through to damn near lunchtime on Wednesday morning.

And I still have just a little bit of the Old Formula of DayQuil at home.  You know, the one before they neutered it to remove the meth ingredients, whatever the hell they were.  So I’m saving that puppy until tonight.  Hell yeah.

Anyway, thanks to all y’all for your well-wishes.  I will prevail, b’gawd, and hopefully by Monday I’ll be back in harness and spewing the same old crap that you guys have gotten used to by now.

Hopefully I will have seen a concert by then, but we’ll see.


6 Responses

  1. 😀 Just remember, dosing yourself with DayQuil is the same as driving under the influence! Take it easy on yourself, if you push too hard too soon you’ll be back on the couch again. Hope you feel up for the concert!

    Seriously? If that’s the case, I drive under the influence at least four or five commutes a year. Which isn’t all that much, but still!

    I do hear ya on the “back on the couch” bit. That’s the main thing that might keep me home. Might, at least…

  2. Are you sure you’re well enough to be back at work?? (Says the girl who went back there herself today, and is bitterly regretting it now, being barely able to function this evening!!)

    Take it easy. Get the office junior to do everything you can’t be arsed doing, make small moaning noises and rub your eyes a lot. That guarantees you several cups of tea/coffee and sympathy. Well it does in my world anyway. 😉

    Take care and thanks again for the email, which brightened my day MASSIVELY!!!! 😛

    I’m sure I’m well enough; if I were going to be in the office tomorrow I would have skipped out one more day, but I really couldn’t much afford to be out all week without so much as an “Oops, I’m out of the office” email autoreply. But I couldn’t in good conscience skip out on my coworkers to save up my energy to go to a concert. And if I couldn’t deal with a day in the office, no way could I deal with the concert.

    I’ll make it through the day just fine. Especially now that I remembered “Oh yeah, I haven’t had caffeine yet today, that’s why my head hurts!” Mt. Dew to the rescue! I’m feeling better already.

  3. That DayQuil stuuf was the bomb…it worked for me every time…METH?

    I would take it if I had some, even if it was a year (or two) past the expiration date.

    Yeah, some ingredient in lots of cold meds (pseudoephedrine?) was apparently used to make meth. Most states have taken them off the shelves and put them behind the counter. A few drug makers changed the formula to get back onto the shelves, and Vicks did that with DayQuil/NyQuil. Unfortunately.

  4. I like NyQuil gel tabs, myself. However, I would be the jackass who would go to the concert regardless and say it was well worth it if I ended up back on the couch afterwards. 🙂

    I do the gel tabs, too. Except my “good stuff” DayQuil was the liquid, since that’s all the store had that had the Good Stuff still. If NyQuil is “Original Green Death Fuckin’ Flavor” according to Denis Leary, then DayQuil is the “New & Improved Orange Death Fuckin’ Flavor.” Not nearly as bad. I wouldn’t use it as a mouthwash, though.

  5. I always wondered why NyQuil didn’t seem to have the “knock you out and wake up on the bathroom floor” sensation anymore. I never even bothered to read the ingredients, or apparently watch the news or read a newspaper.

    Glad you’re feeling a little better, I have confidence that by tomorrow you’ll be doing just fine and will be able to enjoy the concert. Have fun!

    I think I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s a fact of my life that the more precisely Dys describes something that she wants me to get from a store, the more thoroughly screwed I am. In this case, she was sick as hell a year or so ago and so she sent me to pick up any cold medicine that had ingredients A, B, C, and D – generic or brand name, she didn’t care. So I went…and NOTHING had that combo of ingredients. Nothing nowhere. I scoured the damned store, and the next store after that one. It was only later that we learned.

  6. Sounds like you’ve had quite a bug. Do you think you had the flu? I haven’t had the flu since graduate school, and I hope never to repeat it.

    I hope that you’re back to 100% after this weekend, and that you made it to your concert!

    You know, I don’t think it’s the flu, I think it’s just a really bad cold. But heck, how would I really know the difference?

    I’m not back to 100% yet…but I’m definitely improving. And I did make it to the show, at least.

    My wife and I both had the flu so badly the week before my son was born that I can’t even begin to tell you. WHOA. I’m just glad we were over it before the big day came!

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