Quick Hits

There are four Fridays in October.

I’m only working one of them. And that was last Friday.

But since you all know I’d hate to leave you without anything to read…

[Assembled crowd hollers: “NO, more like you can’t shut up even when you’re not here!”]
[Blogger replies: “Ye know me well. And, biteth me.]


See, there are forms of help that I’ve never needed, but I can still appreciate. Because you never know.

Mail Goggles, I think, have got to be a great invention.

If only they could go back in time and “goggle” my drunken shouts on my old MUD. Life lesson: Never log in while intoxicated if anybody else could be logging the conversation.


I sent this to Dys and she thought it was so funny she shared it with some of her coworkers.  What the hell, most of you will probably think it’s funny, too.  (Especially my fellow geeks.)


My wallet screams for mercy: Harmonix, makers of Rock Band, will now allow you to not only make and buy (or, I suppose, even sell) t-shirts, bumper stickers, and keychains from your Rock Band band. The line to buy your Cake or Death gear forms to the left, folks. No shovin’.


Dys cut two inches or so off of my beard a few days ago. My son was disappointed: He thought she was cutting it off entirely. He was gigglingly excited to see my chin. HAH! Foiled!


Speaking of the little guy, last week he and his buddy were apparently holding this conversation in the back of the buddy’s mom’s minivan on the way home from school.

Buddy: “I think I’m a genius. Are you a genius?”
My son: “No. I’m not a genius. I don’t think I’m ready to rule the world yet.”

I love the “yet.”


One of the handrails for my inching-closer-to-finished deck laid in the sun until it twisted like a snake with scoliosis. When it finally rained this week for the first time in over a month, I noticed half of the board was getting wet. Screw that, I thought, I’m getting it ALL wet.

It straightened out.

Now I’ve just got to screw the fucker down before it twists up again…


Finally, here’s a sneak preview of a blog for next week. Anybody recognize this fine young gentleman?

If not, you will by this time next week.


Y’all have a good weekend!


5 Responses

  1. You need a Rock Band intervention. 😉

    I recognize the fine young gentleman! He still looks 12. Wonder what skin care line he uses…

    HELL NO to the intervention. (Actually I haven’t played very much in the last week or so – been too damned busy and/or tired!)

    I dunno what his skin care is, but he doesn’t seem to be into hard livin’, and if you combine that with “no regular job since I was 15” and I’d guess we’d all look a little better…

  2. Do you think it would be too creepy if I decided to hang out with your son? He comes up with the most amazing lines I could steal!

    “No. I’m not a genius. I don’t think I’m ready to rule the world yet.”

    Brilliant and he proved he knows the first rule of genius: patience.

    Good point. Those volcanoes don’t get hollowed out overnight.

  3. It’s good to know your son isn’t in a hurry! I think I recall the guy in the picture from an ad on tv for a constipation reliever.

    Ouch! 😀

  4. Is that Carrot Top with short hair?

    Okay, BWAHAHAHAHA but hell no!

    Sadly with my week going to shit I may not be able to explain until next week. But explain I will!

  5. […] to do last week, that has a little something to do with the mystery man pictured at the end of this quick hits post.  The mystery man is one of my Pantheon, my artists that I will go to see if at all possible […]

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