Black eyeliner is next?

I admit it, probably a week after I left Laura a comment saying I barely watch TV, I watched True Blood and liked it enough to watch some more.  Even though I joked both when I saw it advertised and when I watched for the first five minutes that this show will clearly have all the goth and otherwise overly-dramatically-romantic white chicks coming out of the woodwork.

There’s just enough humor in it to keep me from consigning it to Chickflicksville.  Oh, and there’s some sex, too.  Joy!  (Although I register a protest that they killed off the hottest gal in the show way too soon.)

Personally, I’ve always poked good fun at my friends who talked in starry-eyed tones about vampires.  (All of whom were female, probably no coincidence – and particularly Carly)  I’ve always been a believer that, as Wallace Stevens says, “Death is the mother of beauty.”  But I have to say, if vampires ever came out of the woodwork, I’d be interested to buy a bottle of synthetic blood and sit around talking about the stuff they lived through in the centuries past.  Firsthand knowledge of Valley Forge?  The Great Khan?  Hastings?  Who wouldn’t eat that up?

So go ahead, point and laugh and send me some black nail polish and a Cure cd, I guess there’s a little goth in me after all.


18 Responses

  1. It’ s ok, we have a bit of Goth in all of us…


    Yeah, but up until now it was just my teenage predilection for black clothes. And I wrote that off as standard-issue redneck metalhead uniform. 😉

  2. You know, once Calvin put on eyeliner and it really made his eyes POP. So I think it’s sessy. Also, Calvin is tolerating True Blood as well, though Anna Paquin creeps him out. And me, too, kind of.

  3. Meaning, she creeps me out, not that I creep Calvin out in addition to Anna. Oh, heck, whatever. Youknowwhatimean.

    Yep, I knew what you meant. I don’t have a huge problem because I never saw The Piano and so I don’t have a firm image of Anna Paquin as a child to creep me out when she’s, oh, I dunno, edging toward masturbating onscreen. I first saw her as Rogue in X-Men, and so she was young, but she was a rebellious teenager and not a little kid.

    And her dream-sequence “Can we get this over with?” speech was goddamned HYSTERICAL.

  4. No. Robert Smith is mine. You can’t have him.

    Oh, fine. He’s too mopey all the time anyways.

  5. I don’t watch the show, but I do love vampire books and movies (and I’m one of the least romantic females you’ll ever meet). However, I draw the line at the boy-liner and the Cure cd! NOOOOOOO!!!!! 🙂

    But the black nail polish is still cool, right?

  6. I just got done watching the first episode of this show. Personally, I find it stupid. Just like most of the shit that’s on t.v. anymore.

    I actually think the first is the weakest of the bunch so far. Not enough humor to it. And the people on generally seem to agree.

    Luckily for me, the first one I saw was Ep. 3.

  7. Let’s see. I’ve just watched all four episodes of this show. Still not impressed. The only thing keeping this show afloat is the Tara character.

    I agree, she’s good. But come on, Jason screaming in frustration in ep 4 didn’t make you laugh? Sookie’s “Let’s get it over with” speech? High comedy!

    Maybe my standards of vampire stuff just aren’t high enough.

  8. I really wish I had HBO again. I really wanted to see this show, but the need to save money was more important. *jealous*

    I’ve actually argued for dumping premium channels before, but we get our phone/internet/cable as part of a package, and it’s really not any cheaper to split them up.

  9. I like True Blood. I think it’s a riot. I love how nonplused Sookie is about things. “I told you! I’m a waitress!”

    Too funny.

    I was wandering through on demand and saw Six Feet Under and said to myself, “I’ll watch it if it’s the first episode.” Imagine my surprise when it was the first six. I really enjoyed rewatching them.

    While watching it I thought, “You know, David could have been Dexter with a little more childhood trauma.”

    I had never watched an episode of Six Feet Under, ever, until last night. I saw the tail-end of the finale on YouTube years ago and it was so strikingly well done that I regretted having never seen the rest so I could appreciate it more. So when I saw that the first few episodes were there, I said to myself, “Obviously now’s the time.” I watched the pilot last night, and quite thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I haven’t watched Dexter, although I’ve been told I should.

  10. I know what it is… it’s the harem of vixens with milky white skin and boobs popping out of the top of their corsets that has pulled you in. 😉

    I haven’t seen a single corset yet. Well, there was a corset dress being worn by a highly unappealing chick in a vampire bar. “Fangtasia.” *snort*

    As I said, the chick I thought was the smokin’est out of the whole cast already got whacked. The next smokin’est doesn’t exactly have milky white skin. 😀

  11. I actaully went and checked out all of the Six Feet Under seasons from the library and enjoyed them very much. Which has led me to checking Dexter out. The people at the library are beginning to think I’m weird.

    Don’t worry, soon they’ll get to know you and KNOW you’re weird. 😀

  12. OMG, Dexter is the shit! Well, that is if you like vigilante sociopathic serial killers. Which I do. Now *that* show is funny. Very tongue in cheek.

    Okay okay okay, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for it!

  13. It’s on Showtime, 9 pm Sundays. Third season just started. 😀 You’re welcome.

    D’oh! No tengo Showtime.


    Here. They stream it online for free. They’ve even got the first two seasons on there.

    Hmmm. Now I’ve gotta decide if I want to try to watch while at work and possibly get busted, or try to catch a time at home when Dys isn’t on the computer working. You’d think the latter would be easier, but not for the past few weeks!

  15. I mean, how do you think I watch my shows since I don’t even have cable? 😛

    I dunno, open windows and binoculars? 😀

  16. Two words for you: Buffy and Angel. Vampires are hot (except for that stupid Twilight book series and movie coming out… those vamps are just dumb).

    You know, I never watched an episode of either? But I never watched an episode of Seinfeld either, and only one episode of Friends (the one after the Steelers/Cowboys Super Bowl, because I was in someone else’s house and that’s what was on).

  17. Keep watching Six Feet Under. It really was a great series. Wait until you get to my favorite opening death. All I’ll say is it has to do with the rapture and blow up sex dolls.

    There are actually a few new programs I look forward to seeing on TV now. Sons Of Anarchy being one of them. I thought the last second of Dexter’s last episode was brilliant. It’s not often a TV show or movie gets me to say, ‘Oh shit!’

    Hah, they actually adapted that old urban legend about the sex dolls “ascending to heaven”? Now I can’t wait!

  18. “Fangtasia”

    Remember what Bill said about puns. They were once the highest form of humor.

    But then, so was a pie in the face.


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