Monday Music

As a (crappy and under-practiced) musician, I take great inspiration from seeing other musicians approaching their instruments in some way other than the mundane. I may never be able to replicate the playing in this clip, but it sure as hell inspires me.

I know a lot of you probably never watch these videos, and that’s okay – but seriously, take three minutes and watch this one. I don’t think you’ll regret it. I personally think this piece is gorgeous and evocative, especially for a day like today – a crisp and brilliant morning in early fall, just as the leaves are starting to turn.

Andy McKee, “Drifting”

The great ones always make it look so effortless…

(If you liked this one, check Andy playing “Africa” by Toto as a solo acoustic piece.  Hmm, excuse me while I go email my old roommate ChurchBoy…)


4 Responses

  1. I’ve actually watched all this dude’s videos that I could find on Youtube. He’s pretty talented. And for all the inspiration, I still can’t play worth shit.

    I can play worth shit! Especially flung shit. Too bad I can’t play worth money… 😉

  2. Love it! Wow, for a big guy he can fairly move those hands!!!

    OK, so that sounded bad. You know what I mean! 😛

    You crack me up. I should post something someday that’s nothing but a huge pile of loosely related double-entendres just to see if I can make your head explode. 😀

  3. Very cool! I always look forward to Monday Music. 🙂

    Well I suppose that makes two of us!

  4. Okay, now, that’s just showing off. The songs are a lot like a couple on the “August Rush” soundtrack, too. I like when they use the guitar as a percussive instrument right along with the strumming. Or plucking. Picking? Whatever. I need some lessons.

    Strumming, plucking, picking, or all of the above. 😀

    I agree, I like it when a good player uses percussive techniques. An instructional book I have says that basically the guitar is a weirded-up drum, and that’s just a different way of approaching it.

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