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My Flickr Account is Terrified

…and you should be too!

I hold in my hand (well, not really, more like lying on my desk) two CDs worth of our digital pics from the GP in Indianapolis. I am about to finish completely using up my data transfer quota to my Flickr account for this month.Ā  So for those of you who are interested, watch my Flickr bar on the right – new pictures will start to appear today!

And I’ve already got the blog posts drafted up through the end of the day on Saturday, I just have to go back and add the photos. The MotoGP deluge is about to descend upon you. I hope you stocked up on supplies.


I have no real place for this, so I’m just going to tack it onto the end here. I was busy folding laundry last night (somewhat grumpily, we have a massive backlog of laundry from being without power and so I’ve been folding about half the clothes we own over the last few days), elbow deep in my son’s socks and tighty-whiteys, when I heard him in the other room launch into his hysterical laugh.

It was the kind of rolling giggle that used to melt Dys and I when he was a toddler, only supersized. I hadn’t heard it quite like that in some time, and I had to pause to take it in. I almost went into the other room to see what was so funny (I knew he was watching The Goonies, but while awesome, it ain’t that funny) but I didn’t want my presence to somehow alter the situation. So I just stayed there and soaked it up.



4 Responses

  1. C’mon, ALL kids love the Goonies. It’s carved into stone! I love moments like that- sometimes they follow hours of grumpiness, crying fits and assertions by my three year old that he’s “not my friend any more”- and then he does something like that which makes none of the rest of it matter. šŸ˜€

    We’re working our way through all those old kiddie films at the minute too- The Never Ending Story, Legend (how Tom Cruise must hate that film now), even Labyrinth…I’m pretending not to enjoy them but secretly I think I am getting more out of them than the kids!! šŸ˜€

    Some of them are great, but some make me want to gouge out my eyes. My son is a big fan of Spongebob, which all in all is pretty good, but I like to sneak in some of my old Looney Tunes when I can.

  2. I bought Laura The Goonies for Christmas one year!

    I agree…it ain’t that funny. But to a little kid, I’m sure it really, really is.

    I saw it in the theater and loved it, but I didn’t giggle my little ass right outta the seat like my boy did. It tickled me just listening to him.

  3. Laughter from another room is always satisfying, isn’t it?

    As long as it’s not feminine laughter mixed in with a half-heard mention of my name…

  4. Cute about the laughing story. I am a huge fan of Goonies! I firmly believe that Chunk retelling the story about fake vomit in the theater causing a mass vomit is funny enough to cause a toddler-like belly laugh šŸ™‚

    I’ve since developed the theory, backed by some evidence in the form of later giggles, that the scene in question is the whole Chunk/Sloth meeting, complete with Baby-Ruth tossing, etc.

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