Monday Music

This is an unusual day; I actually get to do two Monday Musics today!  Laura over at Snerkology asked me to do one as a guest post for her today, so I happily obliged.

Being a grateful guest, I gave her the longer, more thoughtful post.  For my own blog, I’m saving the shorter (but possibly more fun) one.

Aerosmith, “Sweet Emotion”

I’ve always loved Tom Hamilton’s bass work with Aerosmith, especially “What It Takes” from the Pump album (another good chance for a future Monday Music).  This is just another great example.  It’s interesting and yet it keeps a fundamental pedal tone going to keep the groove.

Hearing this song always makes me move.  I don’t know that you can give a better compliment to good ol’ rock and roll.


4 Responses

  1. TWO good songs today!!!! I always wondered how they kept up with the harmonies in some of their songs, with the falsetto (sp?) being SO out of range for most guys. Heh. Them’s got nothing on Boston though, huh?

    We got Rock Band 2… and apparently ROCK “Lump”. See this week’s tagline… what an earworm! It’s still stuck, two days later.

    Same here – but I’ve never seen them live, so I don’t know if they have backup singers, sequenced backup tracks, or if they just go without.

    We’re holding off on RB2 until the bundle comes out so Dys can get her wireless guitar and I can get the upgraded drum kit!

  2. Aerosmith are amazing live. I’ve never seen them with backup singers and I haven’t heard them use a cheater (backup tracks). Steven Tyler has more energy than I had in my 20’s. I get tired just watching him.

    Well hey, now I know!

    I’m more of a Mikael Akerfeldt-style performer. I’m here onstage, I might move around and headbang a little bit, but mostly I’m going to be right here by my pedalboard.

  3. Aerosmith ARE amazing live. I love that song- it never really ages either. Great choice! Even though Aerosmith reminds me SO much of being a teenager and thinking my heart was broken every time I got dumped, I still love them. “Don’t get mad, get even” never fails to make me grin like a lunatic, and reminds me of a very drunken day out in Dublin when I was about 16 (yes, too young to drink!!!). Evidence of a mis-spent, but nonetheless enjoyable youth!

    **heads off to dig out some Aerosmith cd’s for the car tomorrow!**

    I think a misspent youth is fine. Personally, I think it helped keep me from a misspent adulthood!

  4. I just thought I should post up a link to the guest post over at Laura’s since it’s actually up now! You’ll find it here. Enjoy!

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