A little progress…

I finished my report on Friday morning (just the morning) at Indy yesterday afternoon.  Without the photos, it’s three pages in Word.  Y’all are gonna be throwing things at your monitors and screaming “SHADDAP!!!” before I’m all done with this, hehe.  But if I can convince one of you to come next year, it’ll have been worth it.

Hell, I’ll go ahead and schedule the meet-up.  I’ve already put in to renew my tickets and made my hotel reservation.  What say we meet under the pagoda behind the paddock entrance at 8am on Friday morning, August 28th, 2009?  Maybe I could hold a sign saying “Taoist Bikers Ltd.” or something.

Today if I have spare time I’m going to plow away on the second installment, Friday afternoon, and/or more if I can.  I also have a few other little things that are stirring in ye olde brain that I want to address, but we’ll see.  Hopefully by Monday morning there’ll be even more photos in my GP set over on Flickr.

Still have power, though!  Woo!


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