The electricity came back on last night around 6:30 or so.  Dys was sitting on the couch reading and I was across the room (closer to a window) and the lamp by her elbow came on.  “What the … are you seeing what I’m seeing?!?”  she said.

Yep.  I was.

Two minutes later you could hear whoops and hollers all up and down our street.  Woohoo!

That said, that still leaves more than half of the people in my office without power, so the town as a whole ain’t outta the woods yet, but for us personally the long dark is over.

We did, however, have an impromptu discussion between the two of us.  I’d been thinking, and Dys agreed, that it sure had been nice to have so much quiet time in the evenings, so we’re going to attempt to cut back hard on the TV and video games (for all of us) from now on, at least on weeknights.  Just maybe without relying on candlelight.  (At least entirely.)

And in a further attempt to reduce our electric bill, we were going to sleep with the windows open again, but for the second night in a row one of our neighbors was illegally burning debris in his backyard.  Which wouldn’t bother me so much if the leaves didn’t stink so much, and if the wind wasn’t blowing the smell of burning leaves straight into our open windows.  Ugh.  We debated how to approach the problem…approach the neighbor directly and risk starting a border ugliness, contact the city, contact the fire dept., etc.  Finally Dys called the city and their reply was “call the police.”  Damn, we don’t want to go there.  We just want ’em to quit burning the stuff, not get the police on their door.  Hell, the police have more important things to do.  So we’re debating calling our city councilman’s office today to see if they can make an informal call or something.  We’ll see.  But it sure would be nice to turn off the AC during these nice early fall nights.

(Especially since when we tried the AC last night, it wasn’t blowing cold air.  D’oh!  Time to call the AC consultant.  Conveniently the same as the electrical consultant – Dys’s dad.)

For the purposes of the blog, this means I’m gonna quit posting my MotoGP reports for a few days so we can upload all the digital pics.  I’ll probably go ahead and draft them, I just won’t post them until we get the digitals up on Flickr.  Hopefully it’ll be worth your while in the end.


6 Responses

  1. YAY for having power again!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of your pics. Sorry about the folks next door. Would it be worth asking them not to do it? And hey, don’t you guys have home owner’s associations to deal with this kind of crap? We don’t have them here, so I’m not 100% clear on what they do, but it sounds like something they OUGHT to deal with, lol! 😀

    No, we don’t have homeowners associations in my part of town – that sort of thing is more common in newer communities, especially “gated” ones that we could never afford to live in.

    We could just ask them not to do it, and they might be fine with that – or they might get pissy. We have no animosity with any of our neighbors right now, and we’d prefer to keep it that way if we can!

  2. Glad you got the power back! WooHoo!! I barely turn my stupid tv on anymore. I have my nose in a book or I’m tinkering around on my computer.

    I, too, open the windows at night and as often as I can. I love fresh air in the house. Personally, I really like the smell of burning leaves (it’s illegal to do that here, too) and would welcome that to my neighbor standing out on her deck smoking cigarettes. I HATE that smell. And, yes, it does travel far enough that I can smell it in my room. Ick.

    Bleagh. Yeah, I agree – I have a few comments re: smoking at Indy that I’ll save for a few more blogs.

  3. Cut down on TV? During the fall? With all the premiers? You have more fortitude than I have, my friend! Also, I can’t wait until we can sleep with the windows open again. Another month, I give it…

    Looking forward to your MotoGP reports!

    Eh. I haven’t really watched mainstream TV in years. About the only thing I watch with any regularity is Mythbusters, MotoGP, and the “Long Way Down” miniseries on Fox Reality (Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman riding from John O’Groats in northern Scotland to Capetown, South Africa – a twist on their “Long Way Round” series of a couple of years ago in which they rode from London to New York going east through Europe, Asia, and North America.)

    I just finished the text part of Friday morning’s report – it’s three full pages in Word, without pictures. 😀 (But I think the afternoon segments will be shorter than the morning’s for each day.)

  4. Hooray for power!

    Now why the hell do I suddenly have those “Power Wheels” toy commercial jingles in my head?

    “Pow-pow-power wheels!
    pow-pow-power wheels!

    I need help.

  5. You can still sneak video games…

    I played my first few Rock Band songs last night in over a week, and wow does missing a week have an effect!

  6. That’s fun about your electricity reduction resolution. That’s one of my favorite things about going on vacations…going tv and computer free. I am also a big fan of opening the windows (when humidity…or lack thereof…permits)…except when a skunk gets hits nearby…which happens way more often than I would like.

    Eww, skunksville. I agree, though, I like getting away from it all for a few days on vacation. Most of my vacations are spent visiting family in other parts of the country, so I rarely end up going tv-free, but it’s nice to unplug from my online life for a while. (Even though I will confess that I often wonder what all you folks are doing.)

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