Oh, just ignore that.

My folks are now in the state and inbound to my house. It’s funny; Dys and I were talking last night and we were trying to remember the last time either of our parents were here to visit, and it’s actually been quite a while. They used to come every month or two, but now that our son is in school most of the year the grandparents don’t seem to turn up.

I’m looking forward to seeing my folks, even though I’m more or less going to scram as soon as they come in and they’ll leave within 12 hours of me coming home after the race. That part makes me feel a bit guilty, but oh well.

Kinda sucks that the house will still be kinda a wreck, though. “Y’all ignore that stuff over there. And there. And that whole other room. And don’t even think about going into the laundry room.”

But that’s what family’s for, right? To roll with and/or laugh off the crap that you’d never want polite company to know about?

This is probably it for me until after the GP.  Don’t worry, I’ve set a few posts to come off in the next few days.  Lambast me in the comments; hell, have a full-blown TB-roast in my absence, I’ll still come back with a smile on my face.

Y’all have a good weekend, and catch ya on the flip side.


3 Responses

  1. Have a good time. Enjoy the folks while you are there. Mine and Bill’s both will be invading our house tomorrow night. But only for a few hours (cuz they’re all local) for one of the kid’s bdays. But still I completely understand excusing the state of the house. *laughs… I seriously thought I was the only person who did that*

    It was a great time. I felt guilty that my folks had to deal with the no-power and storm-cleanup stuff in addition to the messy house, but the time we had with them (what little there was) was nice too.

  2. Hope you have a great time! Our house is full of “places we just don’t go any more”, the cupboard under the stairs is now intermittently known as either “the black hole of Calcutta” or (for Harry Potter fans) “the Chamber of Secrets”!

    Ours is called “The whole damned basement” and “most of the closets” and “half of the corners.” 😀

  3. Hope it’s great, TB. My girlfriends mother has been making grumblings about us putting on an in-law addition.

    Can I move in with you when your parents leave?

    Have a great visit.

    An in-law addition would be great. Preferably if it’s across town, in a neighborhood that discourages frequent visits.

    My own parents keep devising things to shove into one of their extra rooms off the side of the house, because both of their own now-elderly parents have commented on that room “if we ever have to move in with you.” Whoops, now it’s Dad’s new office! Sorry!

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