MotoGP in Indianapolis: The warm-up

I’m psyched, can you tell? If you can’t, then read my Motorcycle Racing Primer or watch this video: the introduction to the MotoGP documentary “Faster”.

With full (or almost-full) blessing from Dys, I bought my tickets for this sumbitch the first day they went on sale. We sprung for the penthouse seats, section B, right at the end of the straightaway. $150 each for tickets, but they’re good all day for three full days.

The fun starts early Friday morning, with the 125cc practice, then the 250cc practice, then the MotoGP practice. Each practice an hour long with a 20-minute break between. Then they all practice again in the afternoon. And again Saturday morning, with qualifying Saturday afternoon. They all practice Sunday morning, and then Sunday afternoon is go time. I’ll take $50 a day for that, hell yeah.

We’re packing food, rain ponchos (40% chance of rain each day, so far that’s the only bummer), Dys’s little backpack-purse and our new small cooler (everything has to be 14″x14″x14″ so they’ll fit under your seat), earplugs (GP bikes are DEMONICALLY loud), sunscreen, hats, our camera, and every damned camera card we own.

I’m downright giddy. In a few days, hopefully we’ll be in the gen-admission area trackside, taking photos in the early morning as the boys blast by. And just because we might get lucky, we’re taking an autograph pen. When I asked my son who he’d like us to say hi to, he said “Valentino Rossi!” That’s our boy.  Dys says, “Well, Valentino, obviously.  Then Nicky.  Then, I dunno, Colin?  Or Melandri, but I don’t know what I’d say to him.  He’s having such a bad year he might be ashamed to talk.”

If I’m VERY lucky, I won’t be so excited that I drag Dys all over the track looking for the best vantage point until her legs give out and/or she ventilates my skull with the camera bag.


3 Responses

  1. You aren’t being very clear in this post. Are you excited or not? 😉

    I’ll get back to you on that.

  2. YOu seem a bit excited. You make me excited for you…but you don’t need it. I sure hope the weather is nice for you. Don’t they still race in bad weather too?

    Yes, as long as there isn’t lightning, they’ll race in the rain. Not as much fun for the spectators, though. I think our seats are covered, but I’d still rather see a dry race. I think it would be more fun to see them go as fast as possible, not tempered by the wet conditions.

  3. Color me jealous! Can’t wait to see the pics (hint hint)!

    Oh, doncha worry, pics galore will be coming your way!

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