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Monday Music

Aw HELL YEAH, peoples.  MotoGP in Indianapolis this weekend.  I’m leaving on Wednesday and I’m already getting myself psyched up.  So why not throw up my favorite motorcycle racing song clip ever?

Steve Stevens, “Theme from Top Gun”/Nickelback, “Animals”

Smoke ’em up, boys!

More on the GP stuff a little later!  Woohoo!


3 Responses

  1. The best GP clip video made, I’m telling you.

    For those who don’t know (not that the video doesn’t make it obvious), but #46? The Man(TM).

    Someone my husband knows once uttered the phrase “and then my motorcycle flicked me off like a wet booger.” What does that look like? Pay attention at 3:52.

    It was a guy from the Ducati Monster board back when I was hanging out and living vicariously there. He had a guy’s front tire hit his back tire during a track day and “WHEEE I can see my house from here!!!”

  2. Have fun! I’m jealous. I’m not the least bit interested in Moto GP, but I’d go just to get the hell out of here for a few days.

    Not the least bit interested? *gasp* For shame! 😉

    Seriously, talk to Dys some time as she discusses the relative merits of cute guys in tight leathers.

  3. Mmm, I could definately get in Moto GP. Of course you had me at “cute guys in tight leathers.”

    Of course there is something incredibly cringe worthy of seeing these guys go flying off of their bikes. It makes me hurt worse than when I see someone get tackled during football, and you realize that you were able to hear the impact.

    Surprisingly, there’s not a lot of horrifying injuries considering all the falling-off. Most of the accidents happen in the curves where they’re going slower anyway, and the leather suits they wear have hard plastic armor with padding underneath in the elbows, knees, shoulders, and spine.

    But injuries do happen. Broken ankles, legs, wrists, etc. They sit out as much as they absolutely have to and then get back on it. The defending world champion rode last week with a cracked bone in his wrist, which doesn’t sound all that bad until you think about exactly how much pressure is on your wrists when you try to hold onto the handlebars as you brake from 200mph down to about 35. Hell, American rider John Hopkins rode a few races this year with a damned cracked vertebra. That’s just insane. Watch the old videos and you’ll see guys like Garry McCoy and Mick Doohan hobbling out to their bikes on crutches and then going out to race.

    But to me, that’s part of what makes this sport more compelling than NASCAR. I think it requires a lot more athletic ability to move your body around from left to right on these bikes for an hour than it does to drive a stock car for 500 miles. Not saying the latter isn’t difficult, but it’s a different kind of difficulty.

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