I can has award!

One of my favorite bloggers, Dead Charming, hath bestowed upon little old me the above award.  Coming from someone for whom I have such deep respect both personally and in terms of writing ability, I take this as high praise indeed, and am appropriately humbled.

DC says that he’s always amazed at how much I can write about.  Sometimes I surprise myself in that regard, believe me!

This being a “pay it forward” type award, I’m asked to nominate seven other bloggers and notify them in the comments section of their most recent post.  Since DC had the award before me, I’ll consider him already awarded, although I certainly would take the time to point out some of his great work, like this and this and especially this.

DC also nominated a couple of my favorite bloggers, Allison and Matt, so while you guys rock in my book, I’m going to go and tap a few virgins.  No, wait, that came out wrong. I’m going to nominate people who (as far as I know) haven’t been nominated already.  And let me tell you, picking seven people out of my WAY-TOO-LONG blogroll is difficult, because I read a hell of a lot of people and you all rock.  But for the sake of the “rules” I’m gonna pick seven and tell you why, even though my “first cut” list was more like fifteen.

I want to shine a spotlight at Laura over on Snerkology.  I think Laura and I have a similar approach to blogging in general:  one that is half “what’s on my mind today” blather, half funny, and half serious topicsThat is 150% motherfucker!

Spotlight also on Becca at Phantasmagoric Dreams.  I admire her guts for writing about some very personal and very horrific stuff, and in spite of all that horrible stuff she can still post something so peacefully happy that I can’t help but smile.

Then there’s MoreThanAnElectrician at N*ked on the Roof.  One of the more prolific bloggers on my (or anyone’s) list, we seem to be in similar places in our lives.  Which is interesting considering that I didn’t spend a big chunk of my life in the military in Europe.  Most guys don’t write letters to hermit crabs, but many of his posts about fatherhood are right on the money.  And he’s given one heck of a good piece of advice.

Romi at Year of the Chick has me rooting for Our Heroine to find the Love of Her LifeTM even if it kills her.  Well, no, not that far, but even if it ticks off her parents.  Her stories of dates and would-be dates and HELL NO dates always slay me.  And let’s not forget the vigorous scholarly debate in the comments over hoo-haa looks and trends.

Of course, there’s Vix the Over-Educated Nympho, whose kind words of encouragement got me thinking about starting this blog in the first place.  Even though the lady can certainly write about the sex (NWS alert there!), I enjoy the funny-sex stuff even more.  And she also has those moments when she lets her snarky/sexy guard down and posts things that are quite touching.

I also particularly enjoy the (in)famous LawDog Files.  Not only does the ‘Dog find himself in the weirdest.  Damned.  Situations. But he can spin a yarn in such a way as to leave me howling.  LawDog’s politics tend to be a fair bit more conservative than mine, but that’s not unexpected given his occupation.  And I’ve yet to see him take a stance that I couldn’t respect even if I didn’t agree with it.  Me saying “Hey, nice blog!” to a fantastic blogger like the ‘Dog is about as pitiful as my complimenting his marksmanship, but he deserves it nonetheless.

And finally I’m going to willingly open myself to the possible charge of “suck-up” (so stuff it!) and nominate my wife, Dyskinesia.  Partially because I really do enjoy her writing, (and how can you not when she combines things like funny stuff and poetry and some thoughtful stuff on serious subjects) and partially because maybe by nominating I’ll give her some impetus to write out some of the many things that have been on her mind of late.

Thanks to DC for the award, and thanks to all of y’all for continuing to be an inspiration to yours truly!

7 Responses

  1. There was I, reading along, and saw …and partially because maybe by nominating her…

    and I was so sure that you were going to joke and say “I’ll get laid” – and then you didn’t and were sweetly serious. 🙂 Awwww.

    So maybe you’ll get laid. 😉

    Now that’s funny right there.

  2. Awww. You’re so sweet, thank you. I’ve been a little on the narcoleptic side this week, so I’m behind in my reading and commenting. Oh, and we were “taking a break” there for a few days, which is why I haven’t mentioned him until today.

    Nod, sometimes that helps gain some perspective – hope it worked for ya!

  3. Congratulations! You deserve it.

    Aw, shucks. 😀

  4. Thanks for all of the referral linkies and inside dish on some of your favorite bloggers (thanks also for the mention). I started thinking about who I would nominate…and then I got stressed (same dilemma as you…too many from which to select)…so it’s on hold. But if I were going to follow through with the award…and I weren’t going to worry about the fact that DC already picked you, you would totally be on my list.

    And if Matt ever followed through with any kind of tag-thingie, you would be on his list too.

    I bow in your general direction, madam. Thank you very much!

  5. Hey congrats to you for getting that award, and holy crap, THANK YOU for the nomination! 🙂 You really validated what my blog is all about by digging up some of those “way back posts”, hahaha…*ashamed face*…lol, but I’ll keep doing it! 😉

    It’s your optimism and sense of humor about the whole thing that is the pinnacle of awesomeness. Whenever I’ve been single my default behavior has been to mope around pissing and moaning about nobody ever loving me. Your attitude beats that one hands down!

  6. Maybe I’m a doofus or something, but who won?

    American Nicky Hayden took the lead early on and held off a strong challenge from Italian Valentino Rossi for almost half the race distance, but eventually Rossi proved too fast. He passed Hayden and opened a significant gap. The two of them had run away from Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo in third place, who was even farther ahead of fourth. Eventually Hayden’s tires began to wear and Lorenzo closed in, but extremely high winds from Ike led race officials to throw a red flag and end the race after 20 of 28 laps, just as Lorenzo was within striking distance of Hayden. So Rossi was declared the winner, with Hayden second and Lorenzo third.

  7. Um, my dear friend, I was talking about the blog award.

    Oooook. Guess I look real stupid right about now…you can see where my head was yesterday, at least.

    You all “win,” as it were. There wasn’t a “nominate these then pick” thing, at least not that I ever heard.

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