Choices, choices.

Okay, so in the next two months, I either already have tickets to or have the options of seeing the following:

MotoGP at Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Two of my five all-time Pantheon (“See these bands at all costs if they are anywhere within two area codes”) musical artists:

Jonny Lang

And a few others:

Five Finger Death Punch

I’ve already nixed a trip back to Virginia to catch a football game with my old college pals because it was too expensive.ย  Sheesh.


6 Responses

  1. I really love Tesla, but have been disappointed more than once with their live performance.

    I had a lot of fun at GWAR and got very messy.

    I’d like to see Johnny Lang…and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. JL was at the House of Blues here not too long ago but we didn’t find out until 2 days before the show. Grrr…

    Whatever you choose, I hope you have the best time.

    All those years I lived in Charlottesville and Richmond and I never once saw GWAR.

    Good info on Tesla. And yes, absolutely, GO SEE JONNY LANG. That kid is awesome.

  2. “That kid” is almost 30 now! Hahaha!!!

    I say the same thing about KWS.

    I think he was 18 the first time I saw him play.

  3. Awww, you HAVE to go and see GWAR. Heck, if I lived near I’d go with you!! I reckon it would be SO much fun! I had a live video of them when I was a teenager, I loved them! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m sorely tempted, but SOME of those choices just have to go, and GWAR is within the same week as one of the others that I am more likely to attend. The main attraction there is just to be able to say “I saw GWAR.” Which is a pretty good reason, of course.

  4. Oh, come on. It’s a no brainer. Opeth, man, Opeth.

    Opeth will require the longest drive (well, not counting MotoGP, but that’s MOTOGP, man!), but that and Jonny Lang are the two that I’m pretty much committed to going to.

  5. Oh those TOUGH decisions! ๐Ÿ™‚

    These are good choices to have, I’ll admit.

  6. GWAR, it is a must in life. Everyone should see GWAR at least once.

    True, but dang it, couldn’t they pick a more convenient week?

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