Quick hits

Heya folks, I think at one point in time I had a substantive post in mind for today, but that’s before I went and got myself brain-fried.  So I offer this poor Quick Hits in its place.  And maybe someday soon I’ll remember what the hell I was thinking of…

My major brain-fry comes from the fact that we’re having some renovation work in our office, and due to a sudden change in plans one of my coworker’s offices had to be completely emptied at basically zero notice.

I’m the only person in my office who is a) male and b) under 65.  I am therefore the designated beast of burden.  So I dropped everything, even my thoughts, and poured everything into not only moving all this crap, but more importantly finding a damned place to put it all.

I thought it would take all afternoon, actually, but I managed to get it all done in under an hour with one of my students giving me a hand.  Kickass and go me!

Where in the hell did all these people come from?

It’s always something of a shock to the system on the first day that the students are back.  Last week it was quiet; yesterday was the first day of classes and there are kids EVERYWHERE.  The football players holding court in their usual spot in the student union building.  Frat brothers/sorority sisters in little gaggles on or just off to the side of the sidewalk, catching up and planning the weekend’s festivities.  Sidewalk-chalked party announcements.

They’re baaaaaack.

For the guys, it’s warm enough that the girls are wearing little camisole tops, but not so hot that they’re hiding inside.

Unfortunately, two of the students this year are the daughters of my coworkers.

Ew.  That’ll creep you out.

Speaking of the students being back, on my walk across campus, I passed by a girl having an apparently irate discussion on her cell phone.  “I asked where you were, [huge-ass student union building] doesn’t exactly help!”

Well, considering that the building is humongous and has probably six or eight entrances, she has something of a point, but, um…

“Hi, where are you?”
“Student Union Building.”
[commence bitchfest]

That probably is a bit of overkill.

The big project for the last few days has been figuring my measurements and preparing my big lumber order so I can use the Labor Day weekend to repair my busticated deck. You know, tear it up on Memorial Day, repair it on Labor Day.  Symmetry and all that.

Well, last night we made a minor change to the plan.  Dys and I were sitting in our son’s room watching him while he played with his Legos, and discussing amongst ourselves.  With the caveat that I never quote my wife correctly, I offer the following:

Me:  “I’ll do it however you want, just make sure you know what you want.”
Dys:  “Oh, I’ll probably find something to bitch about either way.”
Me:  “Okay, but given that it’s going to be ME who spends my entire weekend this weekend and probably next one actually doing the damn thing, I’d like to request that you not bitch about it.  [thinking]  Well, you can bitch about it…once a month for the first three months…and no more than once every six months after that.”
Dys:  “You sure about that?  You don’t want to add any more caveats to that request?”
Me:  “No, I think that’ll do!”

I would blog some of the nuggets that our son has dropped on us from the first few days of third grade, but most of them should properly be done by Dys, as she heard them all first.  I will say that yesterday he said his favorite thing from school that day was “dancing,” which his father assuredly never, ever, ever has said in all his born days.  And then he demonstrated said dance.

“Maybe I’ll be a famous dancer!”

Maybe, son, maybe.

His new teacher this year is already our hero.

The next few days are gonna be busy around ye olde workplace, so nobody panic if I miss a day or two of posting/commenting.  I’ll be around if I can; if not, the environment will probably be greener for the lack of my own hot air.


5 Responses

  1. > Unfortunately, two of the students
    > this year are the daughters of my
    > coworkers.
    But you said your coworkers were all over 65! Sounds less creepy now, huh?

    > Me: “I’ll do it however you want,
    > just make sure you know what you
    > want.”
    > Dys: “Oh, I’ll probably find
    > something to bitch about either way.”
    Hahahahahahahaha. Love it. Only because now I feel less alone. I’m not joking when I say I have the exact exchange a couple times a week. I swear they learned it in school when we were in shop class.

    > Dys: “You sure about that? You
    > don’t want to add any more caveats
    > to that request?”
    > Me: “No, I think that’ll do!”
    Oh! TB! You let all men down here! You had a free throw to add more to the basket and you turned it down? I fear that opportunity may never be offered again.

    But I do respect Dys for offering. She’s got game!

    I’ll be doing something exactly the way I’m told and, while doing it, get bitched at. I swear that’s some zen ninja shit going on.

    We were at my girlfriend’s daughters campus (dropping shit off at the last minute, of course) and there were jocks and RAs running all over the place. My girlfriend looks around then turns to me and said,

    “Why are they all so happy looking?”

    “Because they know they’re spending their parents cruise money.”

    Now, TB, you’re an educator so let me ask you about this theory of ‘college experience.’

    Most of the kids friends are going to schools twenty or so minutes from their homes but they’re all staying at school to get the ‘college experience.’ So they’re staying twenty minutes from home at, let’s average, 15K a year.

    Okay, I understand the sis boom baa. Yeah, okay, fine. You don’t get the same experience on TV as you do the ballpark. Okay, I’ll give you that.

    But (you knew there’d be a but, huh?), one of the kids friends, who fought to stay at school to get the ‘college experience’, will be living at a motel.

    That’s not a ‘college experience’ that’s a ‘traveling salesman experience.’

    I know dorm space is at a premium in the big city and this has been done for years, but damn! I’m sure her father’s company could get a better rate at the same motel!

    Hope it’s a great school year and you get the good college experience!

    No, the MALE coworkers are over 65. The two ladies whose daughters are students are actually the two coworkers closest to my OWN age.

    As for the ‘college experience,’ I specifically went to a school 2 hours from home precisely to get some distance from my folks. I think the whole school-during-the-week, home-on-weekends thing isn’t as much of a real ‘college experience.’ But it’s still not high school, I suppose.

  2. My Mom never could have afforded college for me so I had the “get a good job and get them to reimburse me for my college while working full time and making ends meet” experience.

    I’m old and still not done with school yet!

    I think my folks just finished paying off the loans they took out for my college experience two years ago.

    I have a lot of respect for people who do what you’re doing – it shows a serious dedication to the pursuit of knowledge to keep pushing for the degree when you could just as easily say “Screw this, I’ve GOT a job, what the hell am I doing?”

    I think there should be at least one “non-traditional” student in every class. It’s about the only thing that can occasionally wipe the complacency off of all the 19-year-olds who are only in college because it was the expected “next thing to do.”

  3. 1. Renovation photos.
    2. How dare you think you could try a pre-emptive “bitch” strike with your wife and think it would actually work.

    Just who do you think you are!?!?!?!?!

    1.) Planned.
    2.) Yep, I dunno what I was thinking. I’ll probably pay time-and-a-half in the doghouse for that one. (Kidding, she liked the joke at least.)

  4. I drive by a university on my way to work, and I’m always a little excited to see the students back on campus…especially when the males decide to engage in a friendly game of flag football in an open area inches away from the street…probably the one time of day that I obey (and even drive under) the speed limit.

    I think this is the second time you’ve mentioned the flag football phenomenon, so obviously you pay close attention! 😀

  5. I feel a little sick for admitting this, but I was happy when the high schools went back because I saw that they were having football practice. I don’t live near a college that has a football team so I have to take what I can get. I’m not as sick as I could be because I just smile when I drive by instead of pulling over and watching them like some pervert.

    My husband has never once put something together for me that I haven’t bitched about later on. It’s a given in married life. Which is why he always utters “I just can’t win with you, can I?”

    As for the boys, as my old high school chemistry teacher used to say, “Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t look at the menu.” He was perfectly professional in public but a hilarious lech (and a third-generation bootlegger, if I recall correctly) in private.

    As for the putting things together, well, more stories to come from Labor Day Weekend.

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