Shuffle up – the Showdown

These are the answers for last week’s shuffled song meme – don’t read if you don’t want it spoiled yet! And thanks for all you guys who played – you all win 475 bonus TB Cool Points (tm, offer void in Utah).

1. D’Angelo, “Lady”

2. Incubus, “Drive”

3. Tool, “The Grudge”

4. Pearl Jam, “Black”

5. Skid Row, “In a Darkened Room”

6. Audioslave, “Out of Exile”

7. Dave Matthews Band, “Crazy”

8. Stevie Ray Vaughan, “Pride & Joy”

9. Lamb of God, “Laid to Rest”

10. The Police, “Wrapped Around Your Finger”

11. R. Kelly, “Down Low [Live to Regret It Mix]”
* This one needs some explanation – This is from the CD single which contains a couple of completely different versions of this song. If you were watching MTV at the time, there were two videos featuring R. Kelly and Ronald Isley as “Mr. Biggs.” The first one ends with both Kelly and Lila in the hospital (lesson: Don’t mess with a gangster’s wife) and the second is Kelly thinking back about their relationship. The lyrics are from this second version – apparently lots of folks have never even heard it. I like it even more than the first.

12. Ozzy Osbourne, “Goodbye to Romance”

13. Dream Theater, “Pull Me Under”

14. Iron Maiden, “Wasted Years”

15. Nickel Creek, “Sweet Afton”

16. Fight, “Little Crazy”

17. Van Halen, “Summer Nights”

18. Seether, “Fine Again”

19. Jim Croce, “Lover’s Cross”

20. Bruce Hornsby, “Mandolin Rain”


3 Responses

  1. I posted the answers to mine too. There’s a few that I’m surprised you didn’t know.

    I can’t believe I missed “Sultans of Swing.” Argh!!

  2. Yeah, that’s another one I was surprised you didn’t get. I have their greatest hits on my computer, because of my dad. There’s quite a few of their songs I like.

    Honestly, I’d LOVE for “Sultans” to be a Rock Band song. I’d be killing myself to learn it on the guitar.

    Hmmm – maybe it shouldn’t be on RB!

  3. I am STUNNED I didn’t get more of them than I did…I own about 90% of those albums.

    Incubus, Tool, Pearl Jam, Stevie Ray Vaughn, DMB, Nickel Creek, and Van Halen are all on my regular playlist.

    And if Rockband had Dire Straits songs…a) the guitar work would make your fingers bleed and b) I’d be an unemployed addict in about three days.

    An unemployed addict with REALLY GNARLY fingers.

    I’m convinced that it’s partially the context and partially the way they’re written. I tend to write out lines like I think they are, but if you put the mental “new line” in a different place, it might throw you.

    Playing Rock Band has taught me to both respect and HATE Stewart Copeland of the Police. And I think “Run to the Hills” will be the death of me. But I’ll tell you one thing, moving to the “hard” tour on drums has been a better workout…I played “Peace of Mind” by Boston last night and actually had to stop and catch my breath afterward. It was a blast, though.

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