Get Some Nuts

So I read on The AV Club that there were some Mr. T ads for Snickers that went over great in the UK, but were pulled in the US before they ever went to air.

So then I watched the ads. Holy crap, I haven’t laughed out loud at an ad in quite some time. You watch ’em and tell me they’re not funny.


Soccer flopper

Yeah, so the speedwalker might be a little politically incorrect, but I don’t think it’s really gay-bashing per se – do you? I think it’s “RUN, DON’T WALK!” instead of an attack on HOW he’s walking. Hell, I think it’s funny.

Maybe I just love Snickers too much. Mmm, Snickers.

And HELL YES I would love to get my hands on a Snickers-firing gatling gun.  What guy wouldn’t?

A guy who speedwalks, that’s who.


4 Responses

  1. Pretty funny. But then look who’s saying that.

    Why, didja write ’em? Could be your style, now that you mention it…

  2. Boy, still sore over the sagging boobs crack I see! Come on! If I’d written them do you think the walker would have got away without needing a walker? Snickers can do some damage!

    I can see why people would get upset but it’s idiotic. It’s friggin’ Mr. T! He’s been a living cartoon for 25 years! How else would you approach a campaign like that? He’s shooting a candy gun! How is that not every kids (and yours it seems) dream? It’s sad people can’t stop living in indignation for even a minute.

    A friend of mine (someone who actually likes my crap – I know! Shocking) saw a bit that’s coming out tomorrow and ripped me a new asshole. Why? Because her husband is a 911 operator and it’s a fake prank call (not an actual call. A B&Ger did it in his house). She doesn’t mind my saying I’m a arsonist but touch a nerve and I’m an ass.

    Personally, whenever I see one I always laugh at speedwalkers. I can’t help but to think of the Minister of Silly Walks every time. I also have to fight the urge to walk behind them and give them flat tires.

    Good point about the walker getting away upright…definitely not your work.

    Agreed as to the hitting a nerve. Everything’s funny except when it hits your little peeve zone. And amazingly very few people have the exact same peeve zone, so highly offensive to one = highly hy-ster’cle to another…

  3. Other countries always get the un-PC, but funny, commercials. I think Australia had a funny commercial for feminine hygiene products featuring a stuffed beaver. Needless to say, it didn’t make it to the US.

    Oooookey dokey! Now I’m simultaneously frightened and curious.

  4. The “stuffed-beaver” commercial is on Youtube…do with that knowledge what you will.

    As for these two…I snorked coffee up my nose, so that should give you some understanding of my reaction. I just didn’t expect it to go that route…I should have known better I guess.

    Hah! Okay, found the beaver commercial. Not as funny as Mr. T, but still amusing.

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