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One of those days

I had a kinda cruddy day yesterday.  Dys had a really cruddy day.

Have you ever had a significant other or roommate have a crappy day on the same day that you do, and when you get together you both just radiate all that negative energy, bouncing it back and forth?

Yep, that’s what my evening was like last night.  It wasn’t that anything bad happened or harsh words were exchanged or anything like that, but all kinds of little bitty irritants just unreasonably got under my skin until I had worked myself into a downright savage mood.  At that point I said fuck it all and went to bed, where I laid there for half an hour until the knot between my shoulder blades eased off and I quit doing that mad-nose-breathing thing.  Hell, it’s 12 hours later and my back is still sore.

Whattaya do, besides apologize for acting like a grizzly who forgot to hibernate?  Just wait for the earth to turn, I guess.

Sorry for being a foul-tempered grump, babe.  And thanks for not logging in to check on when bear are in season.

(Uh, you didn’t, did you?)


7 Responses

  1. Just hide the weapons and the whiskey!

    With a kid in the house, the weapons stay hid – the whiskey is only for weekends. It’s hard enough to get up in the morning as it is!

  2. “…and when you get together you both just radiate all that negative energy, bouncing it back and forth…”

    Umm… no, I not that which you speak of. Not at ALL. Also, never! (end sarcasm) I hear that a certain pair (or pair of pairs, for you guys) of mix CD’s is a surefire way to put an end to a bad day… I’m just sayin’…

    electrician: No… hide the weapons and KEEP the whiskey!

    Laugh, pair of pairs… yep!

  3. Yeah, hide the weapons, keep the whiskey.

    We haven’t had any of those days yet, but with Bill’s busy season just starting, I’m sure there will be days when he comes home dog-tired and not in the best of moods and I’ll have had a shit day.

    But I will say that when I’ve had crap days, I tend to put on the running shoes and immediately go for 2 – 3 mile walk. It really helps if you can get free to do it.

    Maybe you Yoopers can do that, but it’s too damn hot here to get away with it!

    And yeah, nowadays with the boy home and Dys working from home, when I get home I’m more or less on kid-duty, so no immediate anger-walks for me.

    ‘Sok. Like Buddy in Night Court used to say, “I’m feeling much better now!”

    (Does anybody else remember ol’ Buddy?)

  4. Oh fricken hell I hate it when that happens. That was us last week. I like to compare it to the both of us lying on our stomach waiting for the other to rub our back, you know what I mean? We both want to be taken care of on a bad day, but when they happen on the same day? Forget it!

    Hah! Good comparison!

  5. Yeah that has happened and I hate it. Having two crazy people occupying the same space is not good. My solution – take a deep breathe square my shoulders look the other party in the eye and state the obvious -i.e. Love you dearly so let me be clear and direct. I am in a really ryhmes with with witchy mood right now – so I am going to take a shower and have a shot of something and a piece of chocolate! It is not about you and there is nothing you did, or can do and no I do not want to talk about it! Pretend I am not here for the next hour and I will do likewise for you.

    At which point I do exactly that! I take a time out focus on everything that is making me nuts and mentally let ‘er rip – and when the hour is up I take a deep breathe down another shot and a piece of chocolate and get on with life and see how the other is doing.

    Usually this works out well specially since only fur kids are involved – the fur kid actually tries to nurture i.e. gifting their favorite play toy or grooming 🙂

    Yep, that’s basically what we did – get in opposite ends of the house for more or less the whole night. The next morning was still a bit tense, but by the afternoon more or less back to normal. No crockery hurled: SNAFU.

  6. The hubs and I have days like that all the time. I’m pretty sure the FBI or CIA or whoever the hell is checking our computer hard drives is wondering what the hell we’re doing here. Like you, we’re usually okay the next day, but I tend to carry a grudge for a couple extra hours.

    Yep. Sometimes the earth just has to turn a little bit.

  7. Wasn’t buddy from night court the same actor who did Gomez on the Addams Family TV show?

    I still think Bull vs. the lightning was the funniest scene ever…well…when Bull was asking God “why the polyester underwear” was the funniest scene ever.

    YES. Buddy was played by John Astin. I used to watch Night Court reruns with a vengeance while in grad school. That, and Highlander. Dys enjoyed Night Court, but preferred Adrian Paul and his ponytail, if I recall.

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