Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

No kidding, I was just on my Dashboard page here on WordPress and I saw this:

Most Active

Whew., 19 views

The Birthday Cake of Doom, 17 views

Buzz off., 16 views

Hmm, interesting, I’ll…WAIT A SECOND.

“Flawed tits?”

Who in the hell is searching for “flawed tits?” And how the hell did they end up on my blog?!?

Internets, you’re one strange puppy.


6 Responses

  1. Flawed tits? They must be looking for me…sorry! It was a homemade implant gone wrong.

    Um, damn.

  2. Righteous.

    Righteous? HOW?!?!?

  3. ‘Who in the hell is searching for “flawed tits?” And how the hell did they end up on my blog?!?’

    Have you looked in the mirror lately?

    Oh! That was mean. You’re welcome.

    You should see some of the search words that get to me. I’ve actually had to look a few up. And I thought my friends were scary.

    Cold, man, cold! Especially considering the truth…I’m looking for flawless tits, man, always.

    And yeah, I can imagine you get some weeeeeiiiiiirrrrrrd ones. But then again, I suppose it’s no real mystery that you get weirdos on the ‘net, given how your real-life encounters seem to run.

  4. Hey, you think you have problems…
    I’m writing a blog about building a house for my family out of shipping containers and an old aircraft hangar, and I get hits from searches for “Pamela Anderson.”
    Now, last time I looked, she wasn’t living in my basement… But, she might have “flawed t@ts…” Hmmm…
    Did somebody slip the Internet the “brown acid” again? ‘Fess up!

    By now, she probably DOES have flawed ‘uns.

    As for the acid, it wasn’t me (this time.)

  5. You’re right, who is searching for flawed tits. Sometimes I think some people just shouldn’t have internet access.

    A WHOLE LOT of people shouldn’t have internet access.

    But I suppose I should say that, overall, the ‘net would be less fun if it had more rules. (Except the obvious child porn stuff.)

  6. “Righteous” is my supercalafragilisticexpialadocious. It’s what I say when I don’t know what to say.

    Now THAT I understand.

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