That was three BUSY days at work.  I think we got it knocked out, though. 

And I’ve now had a big chunk of my half-gallon of Captain Morgan to help put it behind me.  That helps. 

Just wanted to confirm that yes, I’m still alive…sorry for my silence both here and on lots of your blog comments – hopefully I’ll be all caught up by midweek!


Edit:  It’s a bummer that there’s only one page of “My Comments” on the toolbar, ain’t it?  Grumble grumble.


4 Responses

  1. Nothing like the Cap’n to help you through a tough week!

    It’s my third choice after Myer’s Dark (too expensive to have too often) and Bacardi (my old standby of, oh, 15 years now – and yes, that includes a handful of pre-21 years). But everybody needs to change things up every now and then!

  2. Damned work…I wish I’d come up with a better way to pay the bills!

    I tried prostitution when I was in college – would you believe there’s no market for dorky, bony, broke-ass college boys? Apparently the market is saturated.

  3. Stupid work. I need to find a way to make money while goofing around on the innernet.

    Dys has done the “make money doing surveys!” thing. I think she’s cleared something like $50 in the past year!

  4. Aww…grumble no more, not when there’s Captain Morgan around! 😉

    Unfortunately there’s no Cap at work on a Monday morning – am I allowed to grumble now? Can a guy get a ruling over here?

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