Monday Music

You know what?  It’s a dirty, sweaty day, and I’m feeling kinda like some dirty, sweaty metal. So here we go:

Judas Priest, “Victim of Changes”

A classic tune from their classic album Sad Wings of Destiny. The album version has a fantastic guitar tone – it’s not so in-your-face distorted as this live version, it’s more grungy and sleazy and fits that whole “older barfly” mood just perfectly. But I’m a sucker for a good live performance, and this one is pretty damned good. Less good in terms of the live sound, but better in terms of capturing the band at their peak, is this one from Memphis in 1982. (Looking very much like a leather-clad early-80s metal band with a closeted gay singer.)


One Response

  1. Buzzsaw (Channel #19) on my Sirius radio has seemed to be on a Judas Priest kick the last two weeks. I was never a huge fan, but it has grown on me since I have been out running lately.

    I was never a huge fan, either, but in the last few years I’ve come to respect them. Like anyone else, there’s a lot of so-so stuff, but there are some truly great songs in their catalog as well.

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