The things I do for my readers.

Like make a complete and utter fool of myself.

By request, here’s me playing my son’s Christmas-present-to-be. 

Several flubs, of course, but y’all don’t care and neither do I.  This is the first and only take, after all.  Pardon the sideways stuff, Dyskinesia thought it was saving upright.  And at this point, it’s our last night of our kid-free vacation, and I’d prefer not to spend it reshooting.  Y’all can tip your monitors or something.

Insults and outright laughter at my expense start here – have at it!  😀


11 Responses

  1. I really don’t know where to even start with this. *peeing pants with laughter*

    I take peeing-pants as a compliment, so no worries.

  2. Probably should have mentioned that it actually sounded pretty good. 🙂

    Hah! Thanks. I should say that while I think this little guitar sounds just fine (it’s really no worse than my first “real” electric, which was a plywood-bodied POS that I got for Christmas when I was 16), but it is a BITCH to try to keep in tune. I guess it’s the short scale. I farted around with it for 5-10 minutes and finally picked a couple of things I could play that sounded in tune.

    100 cool points to anyone who can name either song.

  3. WooHoo!!! \m/\m/ (Too much metal for one hand.) 😉

    I told Dys that her throwing the horns at the end is what actually made the video awesome. Without that it’d be too serious.

    Which is hard to believe, considering it’s a guy in a helmet playing a tiny guitar, but still.

  4. If that character didn’t come from the depths of alien rock hell I don’t know what would!

    Now listen, damn it, the Treaty of Elnahl 7 says you Zelnars and we Alkoonos will NOT blow each others’ cover!

  5. for some reason, back to the future came to mind.

    that was pretty good for a child-sized guitar.

    Luckily I didn’t blow myself across the room. 😀

    It’s not so bad, actually. Kinda like playing on the upper frets of a larger guitar.

  6. That was AWESOME. Also, what did you think of Dr. Horrible?

    Freakin’ loved it, right up until the end – I was expecting something funny, and it ended up being a tad dark. It was fine, just not what I expected.

    (I thought Penny should turn out to be the real Bad Horse. 😉 )

  7. You look like some kind of “rock and roll” Power Ranger!

    Hah! You think I looked like a Power Ranger then, check me out in my full Power Ranger suit.

  8. Not bad, not bad at all. It’s better than I could have done. Just imagine somebody strumming the g chord over and over, and that’s the extent of my guitar playing ability.

    If you can form a chord, you’re beating me for the first, oh, year and a half that I played.

  9. That was awesome…I particularly liked the helmet look…It had a very Grease 2 feeling to it.

    My daughter kept making me play it repeatedly. I think she is going to be into music men. I blame my husband and his George Lynch solos for that.

    LAUGH at the Grease 2. And I’m flattered that I apparently won a fan!

  10. hahahahha…..insults what insults? That was frickin’ amazing! Love your technique, you are a very skilled guitarsman….hahahha….no but really I love it 🙂

    Woohoo, fooled one at least!

  11. Well, I’ve been “playing guitar” since I was 15. I used to know C and D too, I kinda forgot. So, really, I’ve learned next to nothing in ten years.

    It’s never too late! (At least before you start getting arthritis.

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